Friday, April 1, 2011

Photos: Faces and Silliman University

Some pictures I took the past few days...

One of our consultants...He was the moderator at the Grand Rounds held recently (Aleah's). I took this one because I thought that this was the kind of pleased face you wanted to see at your grand rounds. :-)...The usually give you a beating. Acadmically, of course.

 No, I wouldn't dream of walking outside "This Area". Would you? (Plane ride home, some 30,000feet(?) up in the sky.)

Tennis Girls. March 28, 2011. Tennis is the one game where love is not the most important thing to score... But these little girls probably don't know that yet. I found them sitting up in the scoring booth "keeping score", while the graduation ceremony was going on. 

I pack light. Not. March 2011. 

When I got back, I brought my tennis rackets, some stuff from home, and the all-important cooler of comfort food, cooked by Ma, and some others by my titas/titos, who know my faves. Heck, I even got fried rice, the special kind my Tito cooks.  


Pick me up at the Irport? March 2011.

A Typo, of course, but the peeled sticker only added more charm. :-p

A shot of the strategic planning. This one is of a roomful of psychiatrists reaching for the sky. Not a common sight, mind you. (March 2011)

One of my favorite haunts when I was in College. The Library.
3 floors of absolute book heaven....oh how i loved this place! :-)
(I was at my cousins' graduation a few weeks ago, and I couldn't resist taking pictures like a good little tourist.)

Someone told me that someday I was going to get in trouble for taking pictures of strangers in "compromising" poses. Well... in my defense, I take pictures of the human condition...isn't that a good enough reason?

Back in College, this was where we played tennis...the gym had walls. It was a good idea for them to hack at the walls and install the big tarp. At least it was a fail-proof plan in case the rains came and ruined everyone's graduation make-up and shoes, right? :-)

(The court looks much more improved. It was shell when I was still at Uni.)


Long day at work today.

Good night y'all!

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