Saturday, June 4, 2011

"First Class" First Class

I got to watch X Men First Class last night with my cousin greggy at the mall... it was like, wow.

I've always loved (ALWAYS) Superhero movies, but this one tops them all. Such a cool movie...

(But don't take my word for it, I'm sort of biased in that I love these movies anyway.)
When the movie credits came on, I was even clapping. (To which my co-resid.ent, Mer said, Kadiri ka talaga, Ling." Haha.) I don't know, I guess I was just totally excited about the whole concept of the X-Men and what they could do and the whole fantasy of it all that I could not help but get carried away. This is, hands down, the best Xmen movie ever

And, of course, I've developed a bit of a crush.

Brainy boy Professor Xavier is my choice for Mutant of the Night. :-)


When we were in growing up in my hometown (we were in grade school that time),we didn't have cable tv, and the only way we could get to watch a relatively clear version of the Uncanny X-Men was to go over to my cousin's house on the other side...they lived up on the hill ( we were near the river, and it was lower so the tv reception wasn't so good.) And we'd be all excited, chatting happily about the past week's episode and stuff. We also had popcorn and stories.  My brother and I would troop over to the big house, and my cousins Greggy and Popoi would be there waiting. And then we'd do that again Next week. 

If I do remember correctly, I was Jean Grey, Popoi was Storm (yes, he's happy.), Donskie was Cyclops and Greggy Boy was Gambit. :-) Anyway, Greggy paid for the movie, which made it cooler.

(I got my pictures from this article.)

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