Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Blue Party

Event: Ma’am Dhel’s going away/retirement party
Theme: Debutante’s Ball…
Motif: Blue
Party Planner Extraordinaire: Trina

July 8, 2011 – Ma’am Dhel, the Psychiatry department’s secretary was going away on retirement, and it was just the right time to have a department party. The theme was blue. And I mean blue.  Even the cupcakes were blue. ish.
True to form, the consultants showed up in blue. Smile

Ma’am Dhel, makes sure everything runs smoothly in the department of Psychiatry. She is fondly called by department people as “The Chancellor” (because, most of the time, what she says goes, and this lady can practically work red tape magic.Smile) It is no surprise a bevy of consultants would come and celebrate her last day at work. This picture is a “relaxed” one I took where I instructed everyone to “just relax and think happy thoughts, etc etc”, where everyone was game (and my batchmates even went a little further and did the “grave-digging” pose, which is, well, nevermind. haha

Ok, this is the official picture (but some consultants were late, so I didn’t get to include them in this picture.

Of course, the university hospital granted Ma’am Dhel an award…something akin to a Lifetime Achievement award of sorts, of course.

Everyone loves her, of course. Smile

Lots of wellwishers…. and everyone had a great time.

The nurses did a number…and had everyone either tapping their feet to the beat, or singing along.

The nurses, and some of the reps. Everyone was there. (And yes, Trina IS the party planner extraordinaire.)

Oh, this was when the audio-visual presentation was running (I made the thing), and so naturally, that’s me, doing my “nervous” look (Its unconsious. I didn’t know Chamie snapped this picture.). <—I wanted to see how everyone was going to react. They (and most importantly, Ma’am Dhel) liked it a lot. (whew!) Oh, and Dr. B. (a.k.a. The Father of Philippine Child Psychiatry said he liked it a lot, and that he knew I was the one who made it. and guess what, he knew my first name! eek! Smile <—I ‘m starstruck. LOL

Oh, and guess what. I sang (or attempted to.LOL) Ma’am Dhel and her husband’s song, “Devoted to You”, by the Everly Brothers, which is something my grandmother always sings, because it is her and lolo’s theme song as well. Dr. Vista, the Training Officer played the guitar, and although I didn’t think my performance was exactly stellar, I couldn’t help but tear up a little afterwards, as my grandfather’s death anniversary was on the day after this party. Oh well.  (P.s. Dr. V. and I hail from the same medical school and hometown. Dumaguetenos rock? you betcha.)

Oh, and true to form, Ma’am Dhel also had that debutante’s ball thing where everyone writes their messages and wish her well. Smile Pretty cool, huh?

You rock, Ma’am Dhel. We love you! Smile



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