Monday, August 8, 2011

"Eggplant omelette"

i forgot to eat dinner because i had back-to-back consults (yes, it happens sometimes) earlier this afternoon and until late evening...the only real food I ate were the peanut butter sandwiches a patient's mom gave me after our consult this afternoon.

Tired and crappy, I was (that's usually the case when I'm hungry, i get really "ugly".) I started to wonder about things...maybe I needed to take a leave and stuff, and was actually feeling pretty pathetic.

At first I couldn't figure out why I couldn't sleep even if I was so tired. I then remembered that I had forgotten to eat (or rather was too lazy/busy to go far to get food). After much tossing and turning, I decided to just go home, at 3 in the morning to where I live. There, I took a warm bath, and then cooked myself some nice white rice, and microwaved the eggplant omelette my ma sent me from home (I missed my mother's cooking, especially this one, because it was my favorite).

It was heaven, really.

Haha...warm eggplant omelette and piping hot rice. Oh, and soya milk, which i totally love super three AM! It'll lift anyone's spirits...

Sitting there, blissfully chewing my warm, and delicious comfort food, I remembered looking around and appreciating how nice it was to just sit there,warm and safe in my beautiful house (yes, I love it, but it is actually my aunt's), little by little getting sated.

Home-cooked food, as always, when done with lots of love...can make anyone's day better. :-)


So there I was, all showered and dressed in clean comfortable digs, and smelling better, in better spirits, walking back to the hospital. Behind me I heard really noisy footfalls, like slippers being dragged while walking. And I got nervous and quickened my steps, wanting to get to the hospital's side gate nearest to me just in case he/she may be some random dude or ruffian off the street.

When I got to the gate, I pushed it open and turned around to look...

Guess who I saw?

Surgeon boy with the nice hands.


Yup, surgeon boy who I found out walked noisily dragging his slippers, surgeon boy who was a lot taller than took him for (I only got up to around the level of his shoulders) ...and surgeon boy who I had to open the ward gates for ( because I was a few feet ahead of him, and I had gotten to the ward gates first).

LOL... I think it was a bit of a turn-off. but hey, he was just Surgeon boy, from the hospital. I don't think he was in under any obligation to  open the doors for me.

Anyway, I'm back here, and I noticed that I still have 1.5 good hours to snooze before I have to do rounds....which I think I can manage now. So, good night everyone, see you again in a couple of hours.




  1. He-he, it's funny how we often see the people we least expect-I'm very happy it was him and not a trouble-maker.

    I have a hard time sleeping when I'm too hungry too. I usally settle for peanut butter on toast in the middle of the night.

    Hope you're getting your rest when you can.

  2. While eating has never been a priority for me - which explains why I often go to bed hungry - there's something to be said about comfort food. Especially the kind mothers make.

    I've been living on my own for the past decade so it's a special treat whenever my mom sends her home-cooked meals over. It's also a sign that she wants me to make an appearance heheh.

    On, and nice surprise with Surgeon Boy *aherm*



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