Sunday, August 7, 2011

The tale of the birthday balloons

It was serendipity.

My finding the balloons, at least. I was reading at the common area of the building where I live when I started hearing the din. A caretaker in green was popping party balloons one by one. The birthday party that had been held in one of the function rooms nearby had apparently broken up and it was time to pack up. Balloons flying all over the place after a party were a no-no.

I looked up, and decided. With my iPad and papers in tow, I went over to the man in green, and said, “Sir, would you mind if I asked for those balloons?” I said, motioning to the string of pink, purple and white balloons he was popping one by one. He nodded, and then asked me if I would rather have the standing column of balloons of assorted colors instead.

I looked.

“Hmm…”, I mused. Nah. I wanted the balloons for a feather boa effect for some pictorial project I might have one of these days. So I got the strung-up “creature” without much effort nor hassle, after the caretaker handed it to me.

Fast forward to two days later when I had family stay over with me at my place… In the spirit of fun, my tita had me try clothes on and I got to bring out the balloons as a prop, which she saw in the foyer when they first arrived. She had asked me then why I had balloons in the house, and I grinned, telling her “For a pictorial, someday...”

It looks as if you were having a birthday party, or a debutante’s ball, she said, and I laughingly said, “I know, right?” Smile

Anyway, instead of a party, I thought I’d spend my birthday (6 days away, more or less) doing something else, but come September, I’ll be going on a trip with my best friend to a place (well, 2 places, actually) we’ve always heard about, but never been to (but only here in the Philippines, of course.)

I recently got myself a new pair of glasses, because my old ones weren’t that clear anymore…and for comfort purposes, I got one that made me look like…

….a librarian.  But I don’t mind. anymore. who cares…they’re comfortable, they’re plastic and they feel heavenly because they’re feather-weight, and non-slip. Just perfect. Smile

The balloons were a good prop, and I wish I can still be as fancy-free as this picture suggests,


because I’ve realized that as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more confident in my own skin,

and I’ve learned to embrace my own imperfections…

(O di ba bongga? Rakenrol, baby.:-p)

Just kidding. Smile(Pardon the rather self-serving emotional blather, but hey, I don’t think I’ll ever grow old. And I can never be anyone else but me.)

Have a good evening, one and all.




  1. Well, a librian, but a hot librarian. =)

    The first time I heard someone mention a home fashion show I was stunned. We didn't do that in my family. But I have since learned that it's a fun activity.

  2. PS - Are those gladiolas in your profile pic? They were my mom's favorite. Tomorrow would have been her birthday. I should place some on her grave.

  3. Those pink balloons really do make nice pictorial props, Sonia.

    Good thing you were able to put them to good use before they deflated.



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