Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knee Deep

 The other day, tropical storm Pedring came and hit a major part of Metro Manila and Luzon. 


Earlier in the day, TV stations all over warned all that Pedring was signal number 3, and classes were cancelled. When I asked our chief resident regarding our schedule, she confirmed it. Our scheduled didactics classes were likewise postponed.

 Wind speeds were...strong. :-) Judging from how this steel cable chain attached to the crane flew about...


...and how this coconut tree's leaves were all bent, you'll get a pretty good idea that it was a strong wind. (Actually, one of the interns I went on-duty with said that another condo building nearby (facing the bay) was pretty much totalled because of the wind.) 


Voluminous amounts of rainfall was also observed. Taft Avenue was also flooded (waist-high, i heard), and so there was understandably a lot of traffic. 

I suppose everyone was in a scramble to get home after work and school was cancelled.  

Traffic. not a pretty sight. Imagine a jam like that, with knee-deep water.

 And so I took this picture of people walking in the water...

saying to myself..."Dang, it must be tough to walk around in the floodwaters...I'm glad I'm not going down there today."

And guess what happens?

 A few minutes later, my work cellphone rings... "Atep, I'm sorry, but Bien got stranded in his car in the middle of the street somewhere, you'll have to go on-duty in his place."

Rats. It seems I spoke too soon.

And so, ladies and gentlemen... presenting, the state of affairs at "ground level". :-) haha.

Of course I had to take a picture of the waters before wading in them. It's a "story", after all. :-) 

Ok, so I went on-duty during the big storm. And had a single involuntary admission. 

No biggie. :-)

Oh, and one of my coresidents brought her cute little kids to work, and I ended up hanging out with them and babysitting ( yet another one of those episodes where an ipad is totally handy. :-)(

All good... :-)




  1. I was taking pictures of the storm's fury, as well, Sonia, although none from your lofty vantage point.

    The thing about the steel cable flapping in the high winds really drove home the point about just how strong those winds were.

    I liked the last pic with you and the kids. It makes for a warm, fuzzy ending to a post chronicling something cold and destructive.

  2. Thanks Rudeboy. The storm was pretty bad, and it did a lot of damage, so I'm kind of feeling guilty that I treated it as sort of comical. but yes, it was a sight to see. we actually saw debris flying around...

    Good thing it was only a day. and the floods receded right away.

    The kids being there was kind of fun. Although, they had to be moved to a hotel, because in the hospital, only the lights were working. Kids need creature comforts. :-)



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