Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Getting my draft back, I get these notes from my consultant (In red):

"His relationship with his second girlfriend, Janine, started during freshman year in college, but was short-lived, as he was not serious about her." (What do you mean by not SERIOUS?)
(Me to myself:Hmm... What DOES that word mean?  Pretty ambiguous language. does that mean he likes/cares about her, or is intimate with her, but that's it? Or was he just "playing around"? 

Come to think of it, I have no concept of the word. 

(She really wants me to define myself, define every meaning of everything I say...)

Oh, and this is gold. She asked the patient to define what "emo" meant. and with such a serious face. :-p

Anyway... :-S 

(enough with the multiple-reality writing.)



  1. I suppose, offhand, that "serious" means that the boyfriend was considering his girlfriend as a potential life mate. In this country, that usually - but not always - means "spouse" (at least for the hets.) And not the "common-law" kind, either.

    While it may seem that the meaning of "not serious" in the draft was as obvious as oh, say, Willie Revillame's vileness, I don't think your consultant was just splitting hairs for shits and giggles. Defining terms we take for granted can sometimes lead us to unexpected insights.


  2. Yes, i should have asked and "explored" during that interview dapat. :-) You're very insightful. thanks!



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