Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free reading

My best friend Ivy was in town for the weekend for a work-related thing. :-)

I've known her since I was 13, a veritable "sister from another mother."

Earlier tonight, we were eating our Starbucks stuff and drinking coffee at the dining table of my condo. After tasting a bit of the strawberry whipped cream from my waffle, she went, "Phan, this is so not high school anymore."

And we had a good laugh. Starbucks was never a consideration for snacks back in high school...

(We've come a long way, Vivz.;-) )

Oh, and if I might add, the National Bookstore floor is a nice place to hang out in. Especially at the photography books section. I found this cool book on Digital Photography...and tips on Portraits. I wanted to buy it but I suspected I could read it in one sitting, so I...did. :-)

Oh, and Ivy took this picture, when i told her about the trick of the 45 degree angled lighting. She applied it immediately. And yes, I like portrait photography, people being my favorite subjects. 

Anyway, speaking of cameras, if you want a "bridge", I would definitely suggest a Canon G12. It's pretty cool. Tried one out this morning.  Sweet. 




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