Monday, October 17, 2011

The perfect pizza


Now I know what "Pizza" should be like*... :-)

Presenting Pizza Hut's Tuscani Pizza, in All-Meat. 

Inspired by:

The long day at work...

My cousin Ruville's recent victory at the CPA licensure boards (You rock, Manang Kobee!)...

My cousin J Miguel's birthday....(I like to call him my "Kinapanggaan"* cousin).

...and simply the chance to just have a few hours to kick back and relax, thankful that you're young and healthy and that everything's going well, so far. :-D

(I should have gotten this pizza last week too. LOL.)



* perfect pizza should be thin, with lots of toppings... :-)

** most loved (he's from Bohol, and in their version of the dialect, that's the superlative of "beloved". :-))

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