Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Libera...Surprise, surprise. :-)

I wanted to cap the night with doing rounds on my 9 patients at the wards, when I bumped into  Joff who told me that he had free tickets to Libera from a friend, and if I wanted to come.

What do you think I said?

(I decided on the spot. Yes!)

Bien, and his pretty eldest daughter Tricia (who was also in a choir) were also going, which made it more fun (but I have to admit, thought, anything that's free is always fun.).
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That's Me, and Tricia, and Bien.


And, well, that's the four of us. Joff (for Joffrey), one of the pre-residents applying for the Psychiatry program happened to have free tickets, courtesy of a friend who worked at the Inquirer. The Black-Eyed Peas were also performing and apparently, this wasn't General Admission. ;-)


I've heard about Libera before, and that they've been here in the Philippines to perform. However, I never got to see them. :-) I don't know if some of you have noticed it, but they're usually on the airline flights could you not know Libera if you're a frequent flyer? :-D


I thought the boys were amazing. All throughout the show, they'd insert little snippets of their tour, little anecdotes about what it's like being in the choir, and how they all had to learn their music by heart, as well as the song sequences,and even where to go (yes, they move around a lot).

:-) Oh, this is supposed to be a nice picture... I just couldn't brighten it up enough.... :-)

 When the boys sang the Filipino Christmas song Himig ng Pasko, my eyes misted over. I have always loved the song, and I got to thinking about how I won't be going home for Christmas this year. Well, I'll be able to go home on the  30th of December, and will probably be doing Noche Buena at Chamie's, but that's basically the holidays for me...

Anyway, when the boys started to sing that particular Christmas song, the old man leans over, whispers something in her ear, and kisses her softly on the cheek. And then he puts his arm over her shoulders and pulls her close, and then she puts her head on his shoulder.

I couldn't help but cry a little. I thought that was sweet. Something to look forward to with someone. Someday... (although I don't know when, and I don't know with whom.). But still ... one never knows how one's future will turn out exactly, for sure. But knowing me, I always seem to know what I want (or who I want) anyway. :-)

The best kiss I ever got was on the cheek, by the way. Soft and gentle.


Taking pictures wasn't allowed, during the show, so I was only able to take pictures at the end. :-)


The boys, of different ages (and sizes) waved goodbye onstage, after the performance.

And these are some of the people who waited in line to have their Libera cd's and posters signed...


Ok, what is a concert attendance, without posing with the concert poster, right? :-) This was actually an afterthought, as initially, I was too shy to get a picture done. and then I went, what the heck, why not?

So anyway, this is me, and my cliche picture with the PICC logo, and the words, "Manila, Philippines".

(I'm right where I wanna be, baby.)

:-) Someone once asked me if I was the type of person who would "survive" in Manila. I thought, well, yes, of course. Thinking about it, I could basically survive (and like it) anywhere I wanted to be, especially if I had a reason to. 

(I basically just follow where my heart leads me. )


Of course I had to take a picture of the PICC, like any "tourist". Joff's friends Dennis and Roselle and Ida took us home to PGH, and we had another invite just in case some artist or other wanders into Manila again. (I heard the next dude coming to town is Jason Mraz. Yippee!)

All in all, a lucky concert. Had an awesome time. Thanks for the freebies, Joff!

~ Love,


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