Saturday, October 15, 2011


My good friend R. just recently celebrated his 26th birthday, and I got him a present, which I told him was “utilitarian”.  He agreed. It was inexpensive, of course, but I figured it was something he could use, being the busy medical student that he was. According to him, it was just what he needed…however, after a few beats, though, he said that I should have gotten him the bigger one.

(Some people, tsk tsk… are never satisfied. ) 

Anyway, he reminds me of my brother…if my brother were in Medicine, and could talk a mile a minute..including being obsessive compulsive. Which he is so not. Well, they even sort of look alike. (And like any younger brother, he can be annoying, especially when he tries to talk like he’s older.) I figured the reason why we hit if off was because, in a sense, he was like family, right off the bat. My co-residents are used to seeing him around and talking to me. Initially, they asked me if there was anything going on between us, but of course, there is nothing to confirm. He’s just a friend. I’d say brother, but we’re not related.

Why I wrote this? No big reason… I’m just stuck in the house with a migraine and I can’t bring myself to go downstairs to get me some pain meds. I just wish someone would whip me up a utilitarian present of a pack of pain meds. preferably Cox-2 inhibitors.

Please. please. please.



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  1. did you try calling for the special delivery pharma????hahaha



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