Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Good Day

It was a stroke of luck.

A table all to myself at the nearest StarBucks, with the lamp just hanging above. Perfect lighting, perfect little corner by the glass window, space enough to wrap my legs around the table leg and a nice cup of Toffee Nut Latte in hand, with my name on it (it simply is my favorite).

Ma'am Wamcie and Pearl, who are my seniors at work wanted some "quality studying time" after work, and I ended up tagging along.I was a little late, so when I went there, I had to drag someone's extra chair from a different table, positioning myself for some light reading ("The Elements of Style") and perhaps some writing.

My inexpensive sketchbook (I don't draw, I just like writing on clean,unlined paper) was on my lap, and I was just getting comfortable, hooking my legs in the rungs under Ma'am Wamcie's chair when the couple on the next stable stood up and I scored their spot.


Ah, life. It was packed in Starbucks that night... there were lots of people sitting on the couches, and the tables, and there were still more milling around at the counter, waiting to be seated. I was amused that whenever they'd pass by the planner stand, they'd reach for it, and then turn it over in their hands, and then immediately ask for the sticker card which you have to fill up so you can get your own planner. I know I did. (Obviously, I want one...although it's going to take a me a little longer than most people, unless of course i get outside help.:-p)

I like Starbucks...but not for when I'm studying. Maybe to just do casual, friday night stuff, like hang out with friends and write, watch people milling around. I learn a lot that way.


Earlier that night, we saw Gary V. perform at the mall for the tree-lighting ceremony.  We were on our way to eat dinner at a SuZhou, a dimsum place in Mabini (which has the best Spicy Sour Soup this side of Manila), when we heard someone sing "Pasko Na, Sinta Ko". We thought it was someone singing karaoke to the Gary Valenciano song, and doing a fairly good job at it. When we looked, lo and behold, it WAS Mr. Pure Energy himself! :-)

Can't say I'm a big fan, but hey, the guy can really hold the audience in thrall. The main audience was mainly a group of students and their teachers (who embarrassingly squealed with glee when Gary V. went by their areas). 

I remembered my cousin Ria saying back in high school (she saw a Gary V. concert), after seeing him on-stage that he was "gwapo kaayo!" (Cebuano for: Very Good-looking). Thenn, I just pish-toshed her and went about with my business. But...after seeing him perform live, I've changed my mind. The man simply is a bundle of energy. And I liked the positive vibe...he talked about his being diagnosed with Diabetes (type 1) at age fourteen and how he had been on insulin ever since. He even showed his insulin pump (which substituted the insulin shots he used to give himself every day.), and talked about how the life expectancy of those diagnosed with this was just 30 years, from the time of diagnosis. He was on his 33rd year, and there were no signs that he was stopping.

Anyway, in this pic, he had the spotlight on him, and he looked almost ethereal. You have to admire a man who does his job with as much pep and good vibes like he does. :-)

Also, may I be excused if I say that he has noticeably one of the nicest derrieres I've seen on a man before? Lol... i never notice these things, but with this picture, I hope you can understand why I have said so. :-p

Gary V. performs during the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Robinsons Place, Manila. November 6,2011.

And there's the beautiful tree that changes colors...:-) The mall was lit up with Christmas lights and Christmas songs were playing, and frankly speaking, I was looking forward to it, even if I won't be able to go home during the holidays. I've always liked Christmases. I'm contemplating on decorating somewhat at my place, so we'll see... :-) (I'll be working that day, though.)


And so we went to SuZhou, this yummy dimsum place I've been to three times before in the past month (and will probably keep going back to), because its food offerings are simply delish. :-)

Spicy Sour Soup (after I'd taken my share, of course), SuZhou.November 6,2011.
Xiao Long Pao (Shanghai soup dumpling). November 6,2011.

I went with Pearl and Aizah this time, but the first person who introduced us to this place, and made us "loyal minions" to the delicious food in this delightfully affordable  hole-in-the-wall (but almost always packed full) on Mabini St., was Dr. JCP. Sir, one of our favorite and admired consultants* , was a certified foodie who definitely knew his food and where to go for delectable goodies. This place was one of his haunts, something he discovered while walking around the Malate Area. 

This is where we're getting "instruction" on the finer points of eating the Chinese dumpling. :-)

Century Egg on Tofu, with Pork floss. 

Shrimp Tempura.

That's me, acting like a total dork (I'd already scarfed down four of these babies), courtesy of the "food endorphins". :-)
 On a serious note, though, I do believe (especially after this meal) that there are more things to life than meets the eye, and we are definitely lucky to benefit from the experiences and reflections of those who have come before us, especially when they give their time and make an effort in sharing what they know. I've always thought that learning was not only in the classroom, or in the wards, in the confines of the hospital, but most importantly, they were from the people who we interact with. (Thank you, Sir!)


Earlier today we had our first ever lecture in Forensic Psychiatry, and well, I thought it was a bit anticlimactic, considering I was waiting for "action" in terms of The Profiler, or Criminal Minds. hehe. Not today. It seemed like there was a lot of bureaucratic red tape involved in Forensics. And I'm not sure if it's going to be my cup of tea, but hey, things could change in the next few months.


Oh, something came up that day. That was kinda nice. sort of.

When I was making rounds that afternoon, Surgeon Boy ( a surgery resident I have a bit of a crush on because he was super tall and had nice hands) came up to me and asked if I was  the Psych resident on-duty, because I think he had a patient he wanted to refer. Oh, snap. I wasn't, but with a perfectly composed face (because I couldn't help smiling to a little to myself when I first saw that he was in the ER), I told him that I wasn't, and that he could call the local number to refer that particular patient to the resident who WAS on duty. He was a tall one. and I do mean tall. I had to crane my neck just so i could look him in the eye when he talked to me. 

But, well, that was that, I did a quiet little "Eeek!"  and went over to my patient,  back to the business of doing psychotherapy. :-) It was a nice surprise.

The nicer surprise came in the morning, though. I thought I saw Doctor Boy in my ward, while I was making orders. He was probably going into the department office for something or other, but i wasn't able to stare (like last time, haha) because the mother of my patients was calling me and in my direct line of vision. Shoot. He still made my heart skip a beat, though. tsk tsk.

It was a good tour of duty. 

I admitted 2 patients, and saw one at the ER during my 36 hour duty period. I can't talk about them here, but suffice it to say, the consultant I worked with was very helpful and gave me a lot of lessons. 

My intern was super-efficient. Lol. With lots of initiative...AND teaching capabilities. It was pretty amusing to see her call the clinical clerks into a huddle first before they presented their patient to me. :-) And the clerks were inquisitive and had a lot of questions. I liked that.

Oh, and the Pre-res I was on-duty with, had pocket there was free internet all day (haha). Funnily enough, he's my age, and it really is a small world, as I found out that we had both competed during Nationals  back in High School. He for sportswriting, and myself for editorial writing. "No wonder you looked familiar when we first met," he said before. Ok, he did look kind of familiar, when they were first introduced, but I wasn't sure where from. 

(Oh, and we both didn't win. Interestingly, my other coresident, Chamie, won though, she was 2nd place overall in Nationals for Feature writing.)

Guess what we ended up doing while waiting for patients? Well, we ended up writing. 

He was typing into his netbook, and I was scratching out my own "writing project" with pen and paper. typical. :-p


I've got my portfolio of patients together for the accreditation. Thinking about the number of patients and their families I had interacted with over the past year was daunting. Had I changed any lives? Have I made enough of a difference?

* scary *


Oh, and at the start of it all, I woke up early, got ready for duty and work to this song By Blaque, "I'm Good"... about a girl who is ok, with or without a man. (ok, but i don't feel as intensely as a ball buster.I just won't settle anymore. LOL)

Which is kind of like, My theme song for the week. ;-)


And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the summary of one lucky Friday. :-) Have a good night, y'all.


Merry Christmas. :)




  1. suya ko... kaayo! ky waLa ko kakita ni Gary V. =/

  2. gwapo gid man sya, Dr. T. And he didn't look his age at all. And...da moves, grabe. :-)



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