Tuesday, November 22, 2011


One time, I ended up watching "First Love (A little thing called Love)", projected from my laptop onto the wall (using Bien's personal projector), with Aleah, my duty-mate.

Pretty nifty, the projector, I mean.

It was a cute movie, actually. Not exactly a favorite yet, but I thought the theme of wanting to make yourself a better person for the one you love was enough to make me want to just appreciate it for what it was.

Mario Maurer is cute, but he's not why I like the movie. I think what's cuter was that thing he did was put together that scrapbook of pictures for the girl.

In retrospect, I've been thinking about which to choose, which idea was better; someone who likes me enough to make the effort, or choosing someone who just plain takes me breath away every time. In times like these, my mother always said (presuming I like both), "go for the one who wants you more than you want him".

Meaning, I should go for someone I needn't have to put smileys at the end of my text messages for...because he'd be the one to do that. Perhaps, I've always valued the grand gesture, anyway.




P.S. I just thought I'd write in something totally random. I heard about this movie from a friend who absolutely gushed about it. One of the pre-residents, a guy, was said to have been "moved" by this movie. <-- If a guy got "moved" by a "chick flick", then there must be something to it.

Here, give the trailer a go. :-)


  1. wow. this entry made me think. -g

  2. yes, you're right.. we seldom watch chick flicks and we seldom got moved by chick flicks but I have also seen some chick flicks that quite touched me.

  3. go for the guy who takes your breath away AND makes the effort... it's not a black and white world, ling. he's out there and other churvalens! haha! :)



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