Friday, December 9, 2011

Photos: Prom Night

Last night was the department's Christmas Party...themed "J/S Prom" (by Mer), entitled "The Sparkling Ball" (by well, Me.) :-) I thought I'd share some pictures...these don't happen very often. Only on Christmas. :-)

That's our group performing a dance number to Adam Levine's "Moves like Jagger". :-)

Me and my beloved batchmates. :-p <-- i guess everyone had an awesome time. :-)

Chamie won "Best Dressed" and got to bring her favorite prom date (and well, you might as well call him her "forever date"), Tope, to the party. :-)

Dr. "JLo" (not her real name), one of my supervisors, was also there, and I got to pose with her.  After this picture, though, she reminded me, "Hey Steph. Don't forget to schedule supervision." (haha.)

Everyone had fun. I believe great parties are the ultimate equalizers.

(Well, not for every situation, but hey, you get the idea, right?)

That's our batch with some of the pre-residents...who'll be incoming first year next year. :-)

I got nominated Prom Princess, yes, but no, I didn't get the "Most Manic" award...that belonged to someone else, of course. :-p

What's a party without a congo line?? :-)

My favorite girls. My batchmates Chamie and Trina! :-)

:-) It was a fun party, really. Can't wait for next year's party! :-)



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