Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo: Promise at 9 months

One afternoon, Promise visited the callroom right before getting her due shots. She looked really cute in a pink tutu and a be-ribboned top. This is me having fun with her while waiting for her "mummy" to finish seeing her patients.
My godchild Promise is now 9 months old. (Where'd all the time go? :-))

One of my friends told me, "S., if you're going to be dating this year, maybe you shouldn't post so many pictures of you holding babies. Baka they'll think you're a mom or something..." And i'm like, "Oh, eff that...why wouldn't i want to post a picture as gooey gooey with Ninang-Baby love as this one?" 

(Promise was in a good mood on this day, I suppose. However, I also look forward to having the "best shoulders" when the time comes Promise needs one. :-)

(I love the little chipmunk! :-))



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