Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photos: that probably won't save the world :-p

March 26, 2012. My nephew (more like, cousin) Myles/Noyib before he bit into the Wasabi sushi roll. (Poor dude didn't know what hit him.)

Myles and his classmate JR slept over at my place for a couple of nights, so I  got to hang out with them. My conclusion? Teenage boys have a HUUUGE appetite...and are always texting. lol.

March 2012. One of my coresidents points at the pre-packed meals at the Co-Op. ..quick and easy, and with reusable containers. My fave is (easily) the Bicol express (pork in coconut milk, with lots and lots of chopped peppers!). I'd have it 3x a day, if I could.

Jan 2012. Oh look...a resto with my name on it (everyone calls me Manang/ "older sister",  back home. Even my nanny as a child calls me that.)

March 2012. The little dude had his dad watch over him the whole time, while he (the dad) instructed the barber ever few seconds...perfect haircut? or stage dad.

one of the two has to be the "cuter" option. :-D

And because Trina did not want the first years to be the only ones with the coasters on their tables, she got these Japanese-inspired ones from her recent trip to Japan for us. Guess which one's mine? (actually, it's the pink one, left-most, second-row.) Trina: "I knew you'd pick that." 

My teachers are greats in their field, I'm proud to say. We just recently went to a scientific meeting and one of  our teachers/consultants presented a lecture on Self-harm in Bipolar Disorder patients, and we were simply blown away. I thought (and said so) that it was "a masterpiece in organization/collation of data". She, Dr. J., was truly in her element, and now we have an idea of the shoes we have to fill when we do our Grand Rounds (mighty big!). :-D

This one was of the Guevarra "sisters"... ;-), during the 20 minute act break of the "Mamma Mia" performance. I had a great time with these ladies (Ivy's my best friend..and her sister and Mum were there too.)


it was a long day...can't get the stories out yet, though.

wait for me?



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