Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos: Football Afternoon

He just wandered into our game, and wouldn't let go of the ball... AND, because he had threads like Football dude RG, we dubbed RG Jr. :-)
Oh, and that's me, making a goal. Against RG.
(Next time, I'll tell him not to treat me like a girl. :-) )
David Beckham vs. College football varsity. hehe. :-p
Swag. Need I say more?
I loved football practice!

Even the drills were fun! :-)

( Personally, I think I'm more of the striker type than the goalie type...I like being on the offensive.) 

(Also, it seems more painful. I already have a bruise on my right lower leg from earlier...)



P.s. This was taken at UST when we were playing earlier this afternoon, after work. 

1 comment:

  1. He's too cute to take the ball away from him!

    I was a defender--it used to be called fullback in the US, but we're getting more in line with real football now.



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