Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photos: Psych FC "Weekend Clini

That's Aleah (Mercurial Vapor), Ma'am Wamcie (T90) and of course, moi and my "boyfriend" the CTR360. (It took me a while to "make the commitment", but now I'm here, and football is such a joy to play....even if i'm still on the drills. :-))

Psych FC has expanded...:-) Wacks, the little boy of 5 years just wandered into our playing field and asked (very shyly) if he could kick the ball too. Guess what...he loved it so much.

So did his cousin Jill, 8, the swimmer, who could also kick a mean ball herself. :-)

Now why do I have the feeling he's going to want to play some more football this summer? ;-)

Double attack! :-) - with ma'am wamcie as goalie! :-p

post-football smiles. happy happy.

To be perfectly honest, I never did like football. I usually took up sports because either I couldn't stop thinking about it, or I was trying to impress someone.

This time,though,  I'm just learning for me. There's a lot about it to love. :-)




  1. Being out in the frersh air, running, kicking...all fun. Even though I played, I didn't understand some of the penalties called against me. I should google that. =)

    Hope you don't have that virus.

  2. Good for you! I don't know how I ever played sports in the Philippines! In the shade maybe?



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