Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo: Micro-Reunion

One of my high school friends got promoted, and he invited us all to dinner at Italianni's, this really nice Italian restaurant at Greenbelt...

I arrived late, 'cause I had a thing at Quezon City, but I fully intended to be there, so there I was, just in time for dessert. :-)

 That's Herv, Gayle, TonTon and Twan. :-)

 (I think we spent 75% of the time laughing out loud.) :-)

 I got home at 1:30, they drove me to my place.

When I got to do some "Me" time on the balcony, I thought about how much dorky fun we had in high school, and that we will always had those fun blooper memories to laugh about. :-)



 P.S. Guess what...we talked a lot about my line of work, i.e. "Hey, I have this friend..." and so on and so forth. :-D

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  1. Congrats! kinsa nga friend ang na-promote? hehe.



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