Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo: Missed

Little girl at the funeral home. I was recently at a wake (with Joff and Trina) of the dad of one of our nurses at the ward. It was a big loss for the family...he was the father of six, husband to only one woman (for life), and apparently, a well-loved executive. Death is never easy, and although I still find it hard to talk to someone who just had a death in the family, or lost someone close...I'd like to try harder. I suppose I just need to listen... She said that it was...easier to talk about how she felt and she appreciated someone asking how she was, rather than just talk about the events, or what happened to her dad post-op. I suppose everyone who ever lost anybody that way would appreciate being asked how they were. Her dad seemed to be a nice chap. a capital fellow. He will be missed. Ma'am Gela's dad. RIP Love, S.

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