Saturday, June 23, 2012

BonChon is Love.

    My BonChon lunch at 2:30pm. so...darn. good. 

Before I ever tasted BonChon Chicken, I've always wondered what the fuss (and hype) was all about... and after I got my first bite, I was never the same again. :-p


Anyway, it's Chicken, twice fried, so it's crispier, and less greasy *sure*... There are three sauces to choose from, by my first and favorite choice would have to be, Spicy. I simply love the stuff! 

My first taste of it was with a friend, Stephen, who bought dinner that time. He asked what I wanted for dinner, and because I was so hungry and BonChon was the first store I saw, I immediately made a beeline to the place. No regrets. Over small talk about the upcoming delivery of his "Missus", the importance of investing in real estate, and about other life stuff, I devoured my order of spicy chicken wings. So super.

The next time I had it was when I was on-duty with Pearl, Lovelle and RG and we were wondering where to get our dinner. It was RG's first time to try BonChon chicken, and he made another RG-type hirit, where, he said that he wanted his first time to eat it, to be with someone special. And we were like, all hungry, so we basically ignored his comments and trooped on over to the nearest BonChon branch. Best dinner ever. Although Pearl and Lovelle couldn't take the spiciness of the chicken. Lovelle was in tears all throughout the meal. haha. <-- This type of chicken is absolutely perfect with rice, although on its own, it IS something else too. 

It is affordable, although I wouldn't recommend it as a daily meal. It's just too good. You just have to not have it all the time, so that when you're hungry again, you'll crave it so much, you won't ever think of any other food until you have it. :-) I was in a mall full of restaurants earlier this afternoon, and I'd passed Bonchon Chicken place and it was full of people, and I was like, "Nah, maybe next time." Yet, I kept thinking about its chicken, with the crunchy skin and the delightfully flavorful spicy chicken variety...and I ended up taking a seat and wolfing down my order. 



I'm seriously emotional about it too. haha. One time, when they were out for lunch while I was screening patients, RG, one of my coresidents asked me if I wanted to order with them. I ordered the usual (my favorite), two piece chicken; drumstick and thigh, hot and spicy, with rice... So, a couple of hours later, when I was all done (and all beat from having to interview 6 people in-depth about their problems), I went to the callroom and asked about my share/order. RG, with his poker face, comes up to me and says, "Sorry, Atep, we were in a rush, and all we got you were fries."

I could feel my face crumple, and my heart sink to the floor (being both tired and hungry, oh, and drained is the worst feeling in the world.)...and I felt like crying. I had expected to be able to eat well when i got back to the callroom...but, this??

A few seconds later, he grins and goes into their room and fetches the bag of precious BonChon chicken...and the rest of the world became dead to me temporarily as i happily devoured my order of BonChon.

More BonChon soon.

BonChon simply is, Love.




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  1. Never tried BonChon, but hot and spicy is my choice for most things, especially chicken.



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