Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Photo: with Dr. Abeleda, psychiatrist extraordinaire

Dr. Connie Abeleda was recently in town, and she gave a lecture one afternoon.

She had been a practicing psychiatrist for 20 years in the US...and she was connected with Mt. Sinai hospital Psychiatry..


I was a little late, having come from the OPD, so when I got there, I was a little embarrassed to find that there was only one seat left, near Joff and the others. I wanted to sit there, but then they told me that that seat had already been taken. Joff said, "there's a seat up front Atep, you can take that."

So I shrugged my shoulders and went and took the seat right next to her...

I had a lot of fun. She was a very interactive speaker.


I learned later that they had really planned to put me there in the first place (knowing my propensity for asking questions).

Bibo Kid strikes again.



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