Monday, September 17, 2012

Video: Marry Your Daughter


I was in the Surgery Ward doing rounds on my delirium patient...I had already given medications and was writing orders down.

A surgery resident I just talked to about the recent referral, tall, with boyish good looks and a nice smile was milling about in the nurses' station, looking for a chart. Then this song comes on, and then he starts singing the chorus... so cute. He was absentmindedly doing it, I suppose, as he was looking around for charts all the while.

And then, he asked the nurses who were eating dinner on the side, "Hey, what song is this? Who sang it?"

(Nobody could tell him the answer.)

I was sitting at the back of the ward, on the table, writing out my notes. I had paused to look at him, so I remembered this scene, from a spectator's perspective... It was cute.

(He was a nice guy; tall, skin head 'do, great teeth, nice smile, lean. <-- my favorite. Most of all, he was nice enough to explain to me how the Total Mastectomy with TRAM flap went about. <-- major points.)

Gotta love 'em Surgery boys, especially those that sing. haha



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