Saturday, December 20, 2008


To be perfectly honest, I had initially thought about making this blog my "undercover" one. In a world where anything you say, can and will be, held against you, I figured I needed a break. I wanted a place to rant without anyone knowing who was doing the ranting.

it was all going pretty well, when suddenly, I get to read this post on one of my friend's blogs. haha. i've been outed! oh well, there goes my supposedly hush-hush existence...

Not that it would have mattered. I haven't even written anything that could implicate me anyway. whew.


  1. ooopps!

    that happened to me, too. anonymous effect din ang plan ko for my weblog, but a friend linked to it using my real name and i sort of panicked for about 0.8 seconds and then decided i won't be bothered by it, i'll just keep it a wholesome blog. ;p

  2. hey tep :-) yes the whole world knows about it (as well as the Ms. SUMC thingy, hehe) by now... so would you mind if I put a link to it in my blog na? hehe...i hesitated kay you were posting as Sonia hehe... but your posts are really interesting and deserve to be read... naks!



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