Monday, December 1, 2008

The story of Sonia

Sonia isn't my real name.

It's actually a moniker for ISONIAZID, one of the four "wonder drugs" used in combination to cure Tuberculosis.

Back in Med School, when we made a video as part of the learning series for our Therapeutics course, we came up with the concept of having superheroes who comprised the four drugs that were used in TB therapy,with the Mycobacteria villains and all in an action-packed (we believed) adventure short.

It wasn't for Hollywood, of course, but we had a lot of fun making it. We filmed it in beautiful Guimaras (at our classmate Archie's place) and we added in all the elements of an "X-Men" episode. :-)

Oh, it was such fun...We had make-up artists, costumes, we even had catering (it was Archie's birthday that day and he provided all the refreshments).

The main purpose of the video was to teach, to help the audience understand how anti-TB medication worked in patients, including their effects. Our concept was that of four superheroes (us, of course) who were called to battle the invaders. We even had a poster for it. I'd post it, but then I have some issues about showing off my less-than-perfect bod. Haha.

Just a peek, though. This is a rendition of Sonia, the Amazon Princess
, shot in her "natural habitat", in the rainforests of the Amazon.

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