Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday afternoon, a weird thing happened to me.

An hour after lunch, I started to feel this pounding headache, that wouldn't go away even if I had been rubbing the pads of my fingers on my temples over and over. No, it wouldn't.

I always have these "stress-type"headaches whenever I start a new rotation...which was perfectly timed with my much-awaited (and oftentimes dreaded) rotation in Medicine. I figured that this was one of "those headaches".

From experience, and from the intense throbbing at my temples and nape, I knew that there was bound to be something wrong with my BP.

Wonder of wonders...there was somthing wrong with my BP. So i went down to the ER (the medical ward is all the way up in the third floor) and had myself checked.


It figures...the normal is around 120/80, and mine looked like it was way below normal. I chuckled to myself as I thought about how, in some places, they'd be sticking an IV in and pumping fluids to raise the BP up. And yet, there I was, walking around as if there was nothing wrong, except for the pained grimace, of course.

The second time a co-intern took my BP, it was down to 60 palpatory (you should've seen the look on his face). I smiled at the thought of myself being a walking ICU (intensive care unit) patient. A nurse checked me, and I was back to my "healthy" 80/60 reading. I didn't faint, not at all, I just had that ridiculously painful headache.

I spent the rest of the afternoon on my back at the doctors' quarters...I was pretty much useless and I couldn't een sleep it off. When I got home, I took a (miracle) mefenamic acid capsule, gorged on Gatorade and hit the sack early.

In the morning, I was good as new. :-) with a healthy 100/80. :-D

(I just remembered, I took my thyroid medication with an antibiotic at the same time you think it might have been that?)

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  1. Heeeyy. While you're in med rotation, better ambush a willing consultant there and get a thorough check up. Otherwise, we'd put a line in and pump you up, just like what we like to do in the OR. ;p

    Take care, now, ha.



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