Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas House

If ever you're in Dumaguete City for a visit around Christmas time, don't fail to squeeze in a visit to this one house. This annual christmas decor show fest is the brainchild of one of Dumaguete's more prominent anesthesiologists Dr. Prospero "Rico" Absin.

Kids love it, teens and adults visit it to have their pictures taken...and certain twenty-somethings (like this one) have visited it to take pictures to post on their blog (among others.)

This year's theme is "The Nutcracker Suite"...but it really shows a lot of other stuff too, antiques and new stuff both. I'm not really into antiques, but i personally loved the effort and the care taken into preserving the beautiful pieces of Christmas decor.

Miniature Christmas Village. There are many of these inside. I love miniatures...I spent a little longer time than usual on this one.

Santa Baby. After all, what is Christmas without the jolly red giant in red?

A city-style Belen, I suppose, with all the characters strewn around to conceive a funky christmas story. ;-)

Bathroom drapes. Interested? :-)

I thought the facade was pretty.
The christmas house. Piapi, Dumaguete City

A Fashionista Angel Christmas set-up
- i thought this was a very fashion-forward set.:-p

Dr. Absin (left) gets to entertain many celebrities. In this picture, he is with the (in)famous Imelda Marcos.

Christmas balls are always good, they add class and life (and nostalgia) to any christmas tree.

Chandeliers make great centerpieces.

There were hundreds of pretty, twinkling lights. This one is in the foyer.

I loved the holly and poinsettias intertwined in the grill at the doorway.

Little drummer boy.


  1. hi sonia,

    hope you can join the next TBR, it's about movies!

    so easy to join. just write your entry then go to the host's weblog (it's Meloinks who is hosting this round) and leave a comment in his blog. that's it!

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    Nangampanya gyud ko ani nga TBR so that the "Dumaguete Writing Docs" will be fully represented sa TBR rounds. hehehe.

    you already know meloinks weblog address, right? he's the philippine's daily idiot (kuno) kay dili gyud cya idiotic. ;p

  2. i wasn't able to visit the house last christmas. were there any changes? parang pareho lang kasi from 2007.



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