Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Portraits from Garance Dore

While reading, I wandered on to this site by a popular blogger named Garance Dore. I loved her portraits. She picks random, beautifully (and artfully)dressed people and writes fashion notes. I love how her pictures come out...they have a beautiful quality to them.

I've always wanted to take good pictures people... Admittedly, I find faces and expressions, even wild shows of emotion more affecting that landscapes and postcard perfection. I'm not fast enough for them yet, though. ;-)

Different people have different stories to tell...and i'm very interested in capturing that. i'm learning how to.

It's not easy to post pictures online, though. You can't just pluck a picture from your collection to post online... one of the doctors told me that you needed written release forms to post these pictures online. 

Frankly, that really slows things down...sharing your "stories" requires a lot of work pala However, if that were myself involved. i wouldn't have it any other way... There was one time, you know, when i saw one colleague's networking page, she put a picture in one of her albums of herself standing next to a patient who had an arrow stuck in his head. Now, the man was clearly identifiable, no effort had been made to protect his identity.

That was just plain terrible. On one hand, it was going to give an appropriate "shock" effect, but really, how would you feel if you were the patient and you saw that you had a picture of you with an arrow stuck in your skull? worse, it was posted online. For any one of give or take 6 trillion people to see?

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