Monday, March 9, 2009


…the Kristine Claire Uchi-Galano performance night was absolutely thrilling, I was very impressed. I got wind of her performance schedule from Doc MCVC’s blog. This time, I was lucky enough not to be on duty to catch it.

The talented child-wonder played a variety of classical pieces and pop songs…for an encore, she even did a Bond-type performance, complete with funky little rocker digs that made her even more adorable. She was a dynamo of talent, I have to say, and I was very lucky to have seen that show.

Now, I’m not a music expert, and I don’t play the violin, but I listen to a lot of classical music and I knew enough to know that she did complicated pieces there.

It takes a lot of work to reach that level of skill with the violin, I suppose… Besides, I’ve always been amazed with prodigies.

I went with my cousins Popoy and Lala and we all had a good time(They’re the best concert-watching mates, of course.;-)) Violin music is so raw…and the experience of listening to a virtuoso play is one-of-a-kind. .

They thought it was funny that I wanted to go backstage and have my picture taken with KC…it didn’t matter, though. I always went for what I wanted, and as a result, I got to have my picture taken with her. ;-) This is a casual snapshot of her backstage, with her co-musicians, one of them Ian Caballes.

Hehe…I was starstruck, but then, who cares? I sure don’t, what’s important is the moment. And the snapshot to remind you of it. (*wink,wink*)

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