Monday, March 9, 2009

“24 Plus” (Or, What I’d do if I had more than 24 hours in a day.)

I go on duty every three days… my regular schedule (as with every other intern in the country) is 24 hours every three days, then eight hours for the days in-between.

For example, if on duty day, I go to work at 7:30 am, I’m officially off-duty by 7:30am the next day, but I can’t leave until 5pm of that day, so, in effect, that would make it a 34-hour work stint.

Then the day after that, I just have to put in 8hours of work and then go home at 5…because the day after that, I’ll be doing my “34-hour” duty again. :-p

That being said, I’m usually left with just a few hours of “rest” in-between days. Which pretty much means that as much as I want to go see art shows, or go hang out, or just even stay at the university library…I can’t. Most days, all I’m good for when I get home is a few minutes of TV-watching, a chapter (or half), some chitchat over dinner, and then maybe an hour or two online.

After that, I’m usually asleep…until dawn, which, of course, marks the start of another workday.

I’ve been trying to add in some exciting stuff to do, so as much as possible, I try to catch some shows or watch some movies when I can. Actually, I’d really love some more time to just go jogging at the sports complex…or have a workout regimen, or participate in a cause.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job…it’s just that I wish there were more hours to a day to do more things…

Why, if I had extra time, I’d probably…

sleep a little more.

Read more chapters of my books

Sit in at Ian Rosales Casocot’s lectures (which I heard, are a blast)

Jog at the oval

Write letters to people that matter

Take more pictures

Blog more often

Go visiting friends and family

Go traveling

Go to the beach

IM my friends

Organize the gazillion pictures I’ve been taking of everyone and everything

Study some more.

Get a job that’s fun and pays a little extra.

Volunteer for Gawad Kalinga

Go to church

Pray more often

Read Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

Run, play badminton or tennis.

Mope a little less…:-p

Make someone happy.

Visit my grandparents.

Do research.

Volunteer at the provincial hospital.

Go speed-dating. Lol

Study Philippine history…especially about the People Power days

Go shopping for comfortable, size 8.5 - 9 shoes

Go do more ukay-ukay

Learn how to cook…well.

Learn a new language (my French CD’s are gathering dust.)

Show a little more love…

Think about the future. ;-)

I’m missing out on many things, I suppose… Everyone always tells me that once I’m done with everything (work and all), there will always be time to do things.

well, we'll just have to see now, won't we?

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  1. the funny thing about that every-three schedule is that non-medical people NEVER understand it! i must have explained it a million times to my parents before they finally got it.

    oy! PGI year is supposed to be lingaw! especially diha sa medical :-)



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