Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kimono Ken (and his fabulous fish)

In my past blog entry, I metaphorically compared eating raw fish with sex. In retrospect, I regret to say that that would not be the case. I'm sure ahem carnal relations of the good kind may be mindblowingly outstanding (I suppose), but in this case, eating sushi the day after you want it so badly is like owning a little bit of heaven, especially at Kimono Ken's...

Sushi Morawase (Sashimi sampler)

Spicy Maguro (Fresh tuna with special spicy sauce)

Kani Salad Maki (Crabstick, Mango, Cucumber Salad)

And, my reason for breathing... Shake ( Salmon Sashimi)

Kimono Ken offered a menu that was "Enticingly Japanese. For Less." It was a bit more than I'd usually pay on my current allowance, but hey, it was well worth it, for an occasional splurge. I was giddy with glee even until after the last bite.

I'm plugging mercilessly (for free), but you should really try it. There's a Kimono Ken on Tomas Morato, one in SM NOrth Ave. (that's where we went to), at the Podium, and the Shang. :-)

Bon appetit!

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