Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Baby Nate

I was in Cebu City for the past few days, just taking it easy, chilling out and spending time with my titas and tito and babysitting my little cousin Nate.

My tita goes to school during the daytime (and is only free in the afternoons and up), so Nate is pretty much left at home with Manang Mayen, his nanny. He goes to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays at an "achievers" school just one ride away from their home. He loves it there, and he's a really precocious learner, according to his teachers.

It really amazes me how fast he picks things up. Why, he knows his way online and can even pull up files from the computer (he showed me family videos the last night i was there) when you ask him to. Right now he's back to playing solitaire on the laptop because he's already bored with Spider Solitaire. He can also email, send text messages and pick up things you teach him really fast. He has an elephant's memory, and to top it all off, he is as cute as a button (and has perfect teeth).

Nate is the youngest granchild in a brood of fourteen on my lola's side of the family. I'm the eldest, and being that, I have seen them all grow up. Many of them are taller than I am now. Nathan, Nate, is the favorite because he is the youngest (and cutest). Everybody dotes on him and he is just such a lovable kid. It always seems everyone is at his beck and call.

My lola and lolo especially, are crazy about him. There is a different spark in their eyes, a definite zest in their dispositions whenever he is around for the long weekends (they're based in Cebu, so they only visit occasionally). I think Nate was probably a big factor in Lolo's recuperation...Lolo would always be entertained by his antics.

My Lola has a hip problem and uses both a walker and a wheelchair. Nathan is always the first to yell out, "Wheelchair!!" whenever he hears the tap of lola's cane/walker from the bedroom. Most of the time, he's the one who grabs the wheelchair and pushes it to the bedroom door, making it easier for lola to sit in. He's usually ready to hand lolo a piece of tissue whenever he gets the sniffles. (Trust me, he's a really sweet kid.)

Whenever I hold onto Nate when we're at the mall, I like to pretend that he were my child, my own toddler. He's a well brought-up kid with a calm temperament. One of my aunties said that he was a happy kid. (He is.) When I told my Tita that I wanted to have children someday, she said with a smile, "You're good with kids, you're very caring, so I don't see why not..." (And then she proceeds to think up plans as to how I could meet my Mr. Right, but that's another story, of course.)

I had told her that if I wasn't going to get married, I was planning to have a baby by the time I was 35 years old, instead. :-) "Don't worry," she said, "everything will fall into place when the time is right..." As to having children, that's basically my plans for now, raising children is a big responsibility and I really want things to be perfect and good and ready... and I want him to be like my cousin Baby Nate. :-)



  1. steph, let's meet again when you already have your baby girl to match my cj. *wink wink*

  2. Kids, nowadays, are very techie na noh? They even know how to browse some files na kahit gano mo pa tinago ang file.

    And btw, you have a very adorable little cousin. :D



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