Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Million Dollar Answer

I'm currently doing an "L for Laban" sign with my left hand...I''ve been holding this position for a while now.

It's not because I'm a Cory admirer (which I am), nor am I a NoyNoy supporter (which I will be), it is for the simple reason that I burnt my fingers wile trying to cook something for lunch this noon time.

Actually, I picked up the cover of a pot I put on the stove to boil the contents of, before I realized that it was going to be hot and I would burn my fingers in the process. There is, a few seconds of invulnerability when you don't feel pain yet, and then the sinking feeling creeps in and you know that you've already done some damage.

(Oh the pain!)

It is a biting, burning, very unpleasant sensation that can only be relieved by hurriedly plunging your fingers and hand in a basin of ice-cold water, or maybe slathering on some anti-burn aloe vera gel ...or my personal favorite (and you're lucky if you have it on hand) you could get your cute, caring boyfriend to press it to his cool, soft lips and have him kiss the "Owwie"  away. Oh yes, that would definitely do the trick.

But what was I doing in the kitchen that day, cooking something, you ask? (I don't cook.) Well, aside from the fact that it was lunchtime, and we needed something, ahem, edible, I was also being "proactive", and grabbing at every chance I could to learn how to cook.
To be twenty-eight years old and still floundering in the kitchen is not something I'm especially proud of. And besides, it's probably about time I learned to take care of things for myself and not be so dependent on Manang Edith nor my parents for the cooking. And yes, well, I have to admit, I've read several times that being a wiz in the kitchen was a big "draw" for the opposite sex.:-p

Admittedly, aside from my wanting "self-improvement", I may be subconsciously batting to increase my dating potential scorecard, to say traditionally. :-) 

It seems shallow, but it doesn't matter really, because there is nothing to be lost by making the effort and there is so much to be gained by doing so, right?

This wouldn't be the first time I've submitted myself to "feats" just to impress a guy...
I remember trying to learn how to write in Chinese...doing calligraphy, learning off a library book (it was excruciatingly confusing) and I had no idea whether I was doing it right or not. :-) Mandarin wasn't the only language I tried to learn, though. I also tried to squeeze in learning French during my busy PreMed schedule...going around with earphones, sounding off French phrases, because as the book and cd's promised, "IMMERSION" was the way to totally learn French.

Years after that, I can still speak in French, although it is mostly limited to a handful of words...and, ang walang kamatayang, "Je nes parlez pas Francais..." (essentially translated: "I don't speak French.")

Don't let me get started on the time I was into reading Soren Kierkegaard to *grins*. I'll draw the line at one thing, though. I am never, ever learning how to play basketball for any guy. Hell no.

However, despite all my foibles and forays into the world of pleasing/impressing the opposite sex, there are times when I can't help but relax and take a break, because the extra effort doesn't seem to matter to some. There was this one guy before that I asked, "So, you're saying that you still like me even if I can't cook, am shallow as hell, and will always speak my mind??" (I was surprised.)

Him: "Oo. What's not to like?"
And that, my dear friends, is probably the Million Dollar Answer, the Golden Ticket that every woman wants to hear, which may very well toughen my resolve to try cooking again another day...

...because today, my poor sore fingers are staying in iced water, unless of course, a specimen such as the aforementioned caring cutie would be so kind as to kiss my "owwie" away. 


have a nice day!

~ S.

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  1. Haha! Same here. I'm twenty something but I'm just starting how to learn how to cook (I mean, the more complicated dishes).

    Isipin mo na lang that's part of the learning process.



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