Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Dumaguete Afternoon

Photo-op with my cousins at the Boulevard, November 2009.

We were at the boulevard one afternoon, and the beautiful golden light reminded me of something I read in "The Journeyer" (Gary Jennings, 1984). Such beautiful sentences...

" That day was one of [Venice's] best sort of days. The sun was shining, but its light lay on the city in a manner more diffused that sharp-edged. There was no sea mist or land haze, for the sunlight was by no means diminished. Rather, the sun seemed to shine not in direct beams, but with a more subtle luminosity, the way candles glow when they are set in a many-crystalled if pearls had been crushed and powdered  - pearl-colored pearls and the pale pink ones and the pale blue  -and that powder ground so fine that its particles hung in the air, not dimming the light but making it more lustrous yet soft at the same time. And the light came from other places than the sky alone... That day had a gentling bloom on it like the bloom on a peach." 

Dumaguete afternoons are one of a kind. :-)

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