Sunday, November 22, 2009

Work update...

Applying for work in the government requires a lot of patience...

I've just finished writing (painstakingly), by hand 4 batches of pre-employment Human Resources paperwork. My fingers are sore, but i'm not complaining. I'm on my way to starting a new job, working for the government. ;-)

It's a hospital resident post, and for 2 shifts a week, I'll be getting around, by a fair estimate, maybe twice what I'd be getting if I were training already..

I've decided to postpone training for the 2010 academic year for personal reasons...It was hard to decide at first, because I've been given a lot of helpful (and sometimes confusing too) advice left and right. Everyone who gave me their two cents meant well, but I've always believed that I can only listen to advice enough to get other people's points of view, but in the end, when it really came down to it, the final call will be mine. I've always gone with my instincts in recent years, and ended up happier.

(Or if not happier, at least, felt better that I was in control of the situation anyway.)

Regrets, if any, will be fine, 'cause I'll be bearing the consequences of my decision anyway. If things don't work out, I'll only have myself to berate for it...(God forbid I'll be doing much "self-flagellation" soon, of course.)

I told my grandmother's urologist, who is a trusted mentor, that I was planning to work first and then save up so I can apply at a certain hospital (no names as of yet, cause I don't want to preemptively jinx my chances) by August. He said it was a good plan, and I should keep studying too...because that was the only way to stay ahead.

A month ago, I was in Iloilo to pick up some documents and I was able to talk to one of my teachers, another dear mentor who I looked up to (and still do). He gave me "insider's info" on hospitals to train in for my specialty choice. It was very enlightening, you know. Believe me, it's different to hear things from someone who's really "in-the-know" as opposed to someone who was just a casual observer, or who just heard so and so info.

He wrote me a "glowing" recommendation letter, I've been told, but I have yet to collect...and write a thank you note.


We'll see what happens next. wish me luck. (It's a big responsibility.)

I'm starting on the first of next month. :-)


  1. someone in the know is good for you right now. people need people.

  2. Goodluck and I do hope that you get that job you're applying for! :)



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