Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Concert Pics: Lea Salonga, Your Songs

The concert was held at the Cebu Waterfront Hotel, last January 10th, 2010.


I found out that our seats were closer...but had a smaller viewer angle as opposed to the stage. (Actually, the people at the balconies (Php 500) had a better view, albeit they were farther away.)


We got there about an hour early, 'cause one of my titas mentioned that people had already started lining up, and since it was "free seating", we had to be early to get "the best" of the Php 900 seats.  (My cousin Chris and I(in this picture) amused ourselves by taking pictures. He didn't get to bring his SLR, though, which I think, he regrets up to now. haha.)


Ooh...nice jacket. :-) This chic lady was in the Php 3500 seat...way up front. The lemon yellow was very noticeable, so Cory and Noynoy. 

Lea Salonga, in the flesh. 
She really is as good as they say... :-)
You know what, she had a sold-out concert at Carnegie Hall, daw, and since we can't all be at Carnegie Hall, this is the closest we can get to. When I found out that she was performing just a 3 hour ride from where I was (and I was off-duty at the hospital), I just jumped at the chance. 

Her brother Gerard Salonga, the musical director is an absolute musical genius. He was as impressive as her, when he was conducting the orchestra from his post. He had sheets and sheets of music in front of him....pounding on the keys and in crucial moments, would stand up and wave his arms powerfully to and fro, directing the orchestra (FilHarmoniKa). Props!

So, it's pretty understandable that I would be watching in rapt attention in my seat. But of course. :-)
(Alternately, I would watch, then take pictures, then take a video, then watch, then sing along, then take more videos...but mostly, I just, well, marveled.) :-)

She also performed a tribute to Michael Jackson, singing "Gone Too Soon", and calling him as The Greatest Performer that ever lived". :-)

Comedienne Ai Ai de las Alas was there too, and she really got things going. My cousin said that before she was there, things were more sedate, but when she came on stage, you could feel the room come alive. :-p  That was the first time I saw her perform live, and she really is hilarious.

(Extra: Two spotlights. One for you, and one for me...)

(....Or would you prefer we get two each? haha.)


As I had previously mentioned, I hadn't watched Lea Salonga's concert the last time (regrettably), so I was really happy that I got to have the chance this time around. I've always been a big Lea Salonga fan (as I am of musicals and theater), and although most of my singing is relegated to choirs and the bathroom, she is just a joy to imitate (or at least dream about imitating, haha).

She's got great pipes, that's a given, but what I also like about her is that she is very articulate and smart. Her in-between-songs mini-speeches and anecdotes were well-timed and very entertaining. I always liked listening to her talk.  She's really pretty, too.

My favorite part was when she did her songs from her musicals, especially On My Own, and I Dreamed a Dream, including that very vocally acrobatic song from Wicked. Totally amazing.

The song I liked most, though was the one she serenaded her husband Rob Chien with (it was their 6th year anniversary) that night. It was a beautiful song, really. Very...gentle, and was about constancy in love, and not having any regrets. at all. :-) Trust me, it was very nice.

It was a great experience, really, well worth the wait. :-p The initial disappointment of just Almost  getting to watch her from two years back, when I was still in Iloilo was totally forgotten. After the concert, I walked around like a goofy fan, repeatedly saying, "Wow...".

Anyway, I have duty tomorrow, so it's an early bedtime for me. I hope you guys enjoy the pics. :-)


~ S.


  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It looks like it was an amazing night. Is that you with the pretty hair in picture #7???

  2. Looks like you really had a great time. So did I while reading this post.

  3. Do you have any pics of her duet during "a whole new world"?

  4. yes, i enjoyed the pics, the captions, the stories, hey, thanks for writing again!

  5. Hi :-) @Rick, yes, that was me.@LH: thanks, i had a good time. It was a bit of a dream to see her in concert, and the timing was just good. @Anonymous: yes,as a matter of fact, I do... Aristotle (the singer's name) was a wonderful guy too. I think he was better than Brad Kane, too. :-) @Doc: You're welcome! see you soon!

  6. was the venue sold out/full? I love lea to bits...

  7. am a fan of lea too.. i watched her your songas concert here in manila. BTW, am a 2nd year medical student. Mybe i can ask u some of the time regarding tips and everything about med :)- johanna

  8. @johanna: heya, sure. be glad to. :-) drop me a line anytime.



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