Monday, January 25, 2010

Cave weekend

The guide said that it would take a year for these stalactites to grow a millimeter...just think how long they've been here. amazing!


  1. Did you go to this place?
    Is this in Palawan? :)

  2. Fantastic. Although I expect monsters to come leaping out from behind the stalagmites any sec.

  3. @russ: Yes, we went there last Saturday...:-) It's in Mabinay, in Negros Island, where I'm from. They've got lots of caves there, but not many are too "developed", though. They closed off some of the caves, 'cause some people would vandalize and steel the walkways. It's particularly sad... But this one, although it was small...was a beauty. :-)

    @rudeboy: Yeah...haha, at the back of your head, you wonder what kind of creepy crawlies come out at night. ;-)

  4. I love caves--as long as they are not too tight. Were there pools of water? That's where I think the monsters will come from!!! LOL

  5. @Rick: nope, no pools in this one, thank heavens. (Maybe I'm not as big an adventurer as I thought I was. But, there is just something foreboding about pools of water in dark caves, huh?) :-)



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