Saturday, January 30, 2010

Video: "No U Hang Up"

Sometime ago, I was talking to my friend Ant about the general feeling of being "giddy" about someone... this Shayne Ward song is the epitome of that...sensation. :-)

It's an old-ish song, maybe about a year old, and I just happened to include it in my playlist. My cousin Christo says the whole Shayne Ward album is really good, so I might go check that out as well T(his is getting heavy rotation on my player, by the way.)

I listen to a lot of songs on the commute to work, and this is one of those on the "repeat" list. :-) Playlist songs always mean something in one way or another, and I think this was one of the songs I was listening to one day while I was riding the bus. It reminded me of someone and it had me similing (unintentionally)...which got me thinking that I might have sent the wrong message to the bemuscled hombre who took the seat next to me in the bus. Funnily enough, I noticed that he seemed to sit closer than usual and even waved goodbye to me when he got off the bus. And I don't think I look ed his way once, as I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts. 

(OR...I'm just assuming that he thought I was smiling at him, when in reality, he really was just a friendly guy, right? )

Riiight. :-p

Now, this song might not necessarily be posted up here because of any one person,(although, i t might not anymore) but like all my other songs, it does bring back a good memory. It is a good song, that, "like any good song, takes you back to the time when you first heard it...and it broke your heart".

Good night... :-)

~ S.


  1. Hahah, that guy was HOPING you were smiling because of him! You gave him a great start to his day.

  2. haha, rick, that comment was good for my ego, thank you very much. haha, jk!

  3. Hi Sonia. Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. I hope you stop by again :) Have a good weeeknd.

  4. haha.. i know what you mean.there was this song called 'life goes on'- by Ringo Starr. One of his lesser popular songs. i had heard it as a child. and every time i hear it , it takes me into my childhood. Hope you are feeling that bubbly feeling every time you hear that Shayne Ward song . but then you wouldn't want any stranger getting the signals not intended for them, if you know what i mean :P



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