Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Question: If you marry someone do you think 58 years ahead?


I just got home from my grandparents' house for their anniversary dinner. It was a simple one, with just the usual, immediate family members who could make it, but the food was yummy, nonetheless. :-) My tita made some good strawberry cheesecake, which was a hit, and another tita bought custard cake, which became the "anniversary" cake that came with candles, which, of course, my cousin Nate blew out when the pictures were taken.

Fifty Fifty eight is almost a lifetime for some people...for my grandparents, it is only a mark, an age of their years together. Both of them are in their early 80's, and have had 8 children together (my mother being the second kid, and eldest girl). 

As with everything 50, we celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary eight years ago, all bedecked in gold threads (of course the motif was gold), complete with a party with their friends and family invited. It was a fun party, and we still pictures of it around.

My grandparents are fun people, really, and even now, I can't really believe that they really are octogenarians. They've been around for me as long as I can remember (I was the first grandchild) and since I see them regularly, I don't really notice much change, except for the usual aches and pains and their medical needs, but they are basically the same, dependable, loving grandparents. I've got no complaints, really... I think I've pretty much had "storybook" grandparents. :-)

Storybook, but not perfect, although they are what grandmothers and grandfathers should be like when you need them. I mean, my grandmother is nice and chubby and has the nicest huggable tummy ever. She is absolutely positively...Nummy. :-p And by nummy, i mean, very nice to hug and cuddle with. :-p AND she cooks me my favorite food (it was a no-miss everytime i'd be home from Iloilo). My grandfather, on the other hand is not very huggable (he's skinny), but he is one of the smartest, wisest men I know. He was city treasurer before retiring, one of those bookkeeper types who are very precise and structured. He was quite the provider...he was the sole breadwinner and still managed to get all his 8 children to graduate at Silliman University. (I mean, 8 kids, whoa. You don't get that a lot anymore these days.:-))

Anyway, my lolo is the type of guy you could just be quiet with...or, talk about anything with. Heck, I even talk to him about boys. :-p In most ways, he is as good a secretkeeper as a doctor...or better. The secret stops with him, that's why I have no qualms about telling him stuff, necessary stuff. I think it is easier to talk to someone who is a good listener and who is non-judgmental. 

My usual way is, when we'd be sitting out on the porch when i visit, and he'd be sitting at his rocking chair, I'd usually open with, " Lo, I need to tell you something..." They'd range from talking about getting my heart broken, or talking about this new guy, or heck, even financial advice. :-) Lolo always has something useful to say, some very helpful advice to give. And honestly, they have worked every time.

He doesn't get around much, though, he has emphysema from "stress-smoking" all those years, and he has a veritable pharmacopeia he deals with everyday. He manages, though. He has a pretty good retirement plan, saved up from all those years of being a "boxer". <-- very very good at savings. :-p

My grandparents are at this age where most of the people they know have "moved on to other things". Still, they are doing quite well for their age (and for their condition, my grandfather's, especially). Although they haven't started asking about when I'm going to give them great-grandchildren*, I'd surely love for children I'm going to have someday to still be able to meet and experience growing up with them.

I suppose it would be too much to ask, but honestly, I would love that.

     (* I think my younger cousin Lemuel is going down that avenue earlier than I am, at the rate I'm going, though. But still, you never know. :-p)


I heard this song in a store in the mall this afternoon. It is probably more about a song about loss, but it could also mean (well, for me at least) that if someone or something was meant to be, it would eventually work out. :-) The negative side would be, that if you spent too much time dwelling on that "what if" and you waste your time, that would be bad too. 
But that is a nice line, isn't it? 

"No matter where life takes me, I'll meet you there..."

But the disclaimer is..."IF you believe in destiny..."

And that's all for now, folks. 
I've got a 5:30AM bus trip to catch tomorrow so I can get to work by 7AM (instead of the usual 9AM) because one of the doctors at my hospital asked me to cover, and receive his endorsement early.)

I'm the newbie, can't complain.


Anyhoo, goodnight!

~ S.


  1. 58?!well, I will. But I will rather focus ourselves living the every minute we'd be together rather than dragging ourselves to 58 years...but that's just me.

    Ot: Liked the new clean, template. And you write well..keep it up!

  2. yes, you think 58 years ahead, sometimes beyond those years pa. you won't want to spend the rest of your life with someone you can't stand a few years after. hehe.

  3. @Bonedoc: that's great, really, I'm just concerned about wanting to be with someone you enjoy being with. My married cousin said that if you're still having second thoughts, you really shouldn't go into it. Marriage, after all, is a "permanent" contract...if anything, it should be looked upon with optimism because you're with someone you really like, and not "just 'cause...".

    @anonymous: i totally agree. But do you believe that you grow to love someone the more years you spend with them?That is, if you liked them enough in the first place, of course. :-p



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