Monday, March 1, 2010

The "Good night" Post

I was pounding rubberized pavement earlier tonight at the Sports Complex. It was  dark and comfortably cooler, and there were the usual students and yuppies (older people like the mornings) and athletic types doing their "rounds".

Basically, everyone just goes round and round to have their Cardio fix, but it is, in a way, enjoyable. Running/walking is a very nice way to "commune" with oneself (and I've been doing a lot of that, lately), as well as to sweat it out. I especially like sweating it out, and feeling my heart race comfortably, feel my muscles start to unwind and stretch and just tingle with the strain of the activity.

I made a special playlist for when I'm running, because i like having fast beats for when i am running/walking. Listening to love songs just won't do, not that I'm a big fan of the genre (most of the time). Slow tempos often mean a slow, weaker pace...and it looks funny.

I've even taken to my cousin's Korean music (K-pop), because even if I don't understand their lyrics (ok, save for "baby", and some "crazy"), their beats are upbeat and the tempo is just perfect for my activity.

I see a lot of different people...and subconsciously, I try to figure them out while I'm jogging and passing them by. There're boyfriend and girlfriend types, who seem to be working on losing weight at the same time, athletic basketball player types who have the typical sheen of perspiration down their arms; short, stocky-ish runner type guys who have very short shorts and very muscular legs; bestfriend guy types who run together, student athletes who're obviously very young, have not grown out their "parts" yet, but run really fast...hmm, what else? Oh, teacher types who "coach" on the side, with their pupils dutifully imitating their moves; "sit-up" types (guys who i've never seen jog, but just do sit-ups and crunches on the sides; branded types (guys who have three-stripes, or Nike Swoosh logos all over their jogging outfits; quickie weight-loss types (you know who they are 'cause they're usually wrapped in windbreakers and jogging pants for maximum water loss).... and a bevy of other people. 

Cute, goodlooking eye candy?? Sadly, there were none tonight. :-p

But that's okay, there a beautiful moon out earlier tonight...and for some reason, the moon was exceptionally bright and appeared twice as big as it usually is.


Jogging at the Oval always reminds me of my days in Medical School. I was into jogging then, and would often go whenever I could with a friend, or by myself (and yes, I was as big a "watcher" then as I am now.LOL). Physical activity is always always a good thing. I never did like inactivity. And besides, I just realized that we only have one body, and we need to take care of it as best we could.

(And oh, there's the summer season coming up, so we need to get ready for that too. LOL)

It was always about fresh air, sweat, and "feeling the burn".

(Note: Calories burned for jogging: 584, walking: 584.)

I stopped by the tennis courts, which are really close to the Oval and saw a game where someone I knew from high school (when I was really playing regularly) was playing. <-- (he was really good, he even won a college Scholarship at UST to play. He's married now, though.)

I miss tennis too.

Not just the short shorts, and the drives...but the thrill of competition as well (which is why I have to work on my running skills.). :-s

And that, was my last hurrah, before I said good night to one and all.

Have a good week, everyone, and...don't do anything I wouldn't do. ;-)



  1. I thought there was always eye candy! You must have good standards. =)

    I can't find anyone to play tennis either. I can't remember the last time I played. My dad and I used to be a good doubles team--we used to challenge people so we wouldn't have to wait so long for a court.

  2. haha...maybe so, let me go check again. I'm trying to work in a two hour workout daily into my schedule...if not jogging, then activity.

    Oh hey, you played tennis too? I love's just a bummer that almost everyone I know who I played it with before is either married, or has moved away. :-p



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