Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The random "I" list

> i live in Malate...but have to travel all the way to Espana for work (for now.) --> not anymore. I've decided.

> I hate walking around in the rain in wet shoes...but I can't help it.It's always rainy these days.

> Life in Manila means a lot of digging into one's pockets...repeatedly. ;-)

> Who has time for love affairs? ( lol. Rhetorical question, mind you.)

> I have to wear white pants to work...we never had them back in clerkship year, let alone PGI year. Therefore tomorrow, I'm going in a dress. ;-)

> My phone (Globe) has been acting up...messages come so late. Sorry for the delay.

> I have to write an essay.

> Making a choice is hard..."it's not going to be the rest of your life, but a major part of your years will hinge on the decision" - doc e.

> Someone asked me, "Are you happy in Manila?" I was going to say..."My happiness is relative..." <-- but never got the chance to.

> The Doll's Eye reflex is for brain death testing. If your patient is braindead, there will be no movement of the eyeballs from side to side (a sign of an intact vestibulo-ocular reflex.)

> Sometimes when I go down to read at the 7th floor, i coach a chinese guy named David, who has two kids (in fact, they're walking around now the area now. I miss having kids around. <-- he asked me if I had any.) <-- they're Chinese Immigrants, his son doesn't speak English.

> One time, at 4 in the morning, I went down here (7th floor) to go online and read too, this hunky guy tried to strike up a conversation with me. I couldn't be bothered, but hey, i had to be polite. Turns out he was a waiter from one of the nearby restobars (he said, I nodded), and haha, was waiting to be let in by the people he lived with. When his phone rang, he picked it up and started Cebuano.  hehe. Patagalog-tagalog pa jud ka Dong, Bisaya ra baya pod ko. Sa mauwat lang. :-p

> I get lonely sometimes...and I never counted on this feeling. I was always raring to go on adventures. (This'll pass soon, as my friends are coming over...)

> I just realized something...there are some people, that, even though you see them everyday, you won't get bored. it seems, there's always something new to notice, to like, to love about them. it's funny. :-p

> I like cooking my own rice. and learning how to cook. I should learn how to go to the market and pick stuff.

> i have a bunch of clothes i need to wash...when i have the time.

> Ok, this was good. Totally random, but good.

> Possible Indie film screening with C. on Sunday...if i get the half that day off. Cool outing! :-)

> I miss my Meme, at my age. haha. And my pops. But since I talk to them on the phone occasionally, it's all good.

> I love randomness. and Never having to say I'm sorry.

> I love my New Kaplan and Sadock Synopsis of Psychiatry 10th Ed! <-- bought with my cousin Gerard!

> I hope I can be a good enough Ate. ;-)

ok, must study. i missed blogging. this'll have to do.

~ S.


  1. Wow you're in Manila na pala! I must have missed that post, I thought you were just here for a vacation when you said you went to Sto. Domingo Church >.<

    Anyway, lots of luck to you! :)

  2. "I just realized something...there are some people, that, even though you see them everyday, you won't get bored. it seems, there's always something new to notice, to like, to love about them. it's funny."

    I agree with this. I have a few people in my life like that. :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  3. Haven't been here in awhile doc, didn't know you're already in Manila. :)

  4. @Krissy: yup...been here a few days na. :-) We'll see what happens.

    @Fickle Cattle: Yes, I totally feel this line too. It's like, discovering things, both good or bad, but loving the increased dimensional levels it offers. that kind. yes?

    @gillboard: Yup, i'm in Manila!

  5. "never having to say I'm sorry"

    Does that mean never doing anything that makes someone want to hear that you're sorry or being with people who know that you're sorry (so there's no need to say it)???

  6. in fairness, for someone who has to study, you came up with a pretty good meme ;)




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