Thursday, November 18, 2010

Road Scenes

On the way home from work...


I like mirrors. I like this one scene that rearview mirror caught. Bus driver, and the getting-to-know-you couple in the back.

"It's a long long road, with many a winding turn..." 
I just hope this man makes it home in time for dinner. :-)


A few minutes from where I work, they're building a wall that'll keep the rocks from falling down onto the highway below. As that part of the highway is cliffside, the congresswoman is making it part of her platform.

Would you strike up a conversation on the bus with a random stranger? 

The locals call this the "pedicab", the usual form of transportation from one town to the next (short distances), if you're carless.


Boy selling pig feed. 

Elsa. Owner of the little carinderia/sari-sari store/ Gossip center nearest the hospital.

"Convenience store". In those parts, stores are few and far in between. This just happens to be the closest. Pretty versatile too. They even sell hot water in the mornings.

"My Sister's Keeper." At first glance, I thought she was leading her daughter behind her. It turned out to be her older sister.  


Last night while I was on-duty at the hospital, I found this e-book in my files about Street Photography, by Chris Weeks.  A short book, it was all of 160 pages of tips and mostly thoughts of the man. He was into capturing the moment, and being unabashedly passionately profane about it. Still, it was an entertaining, informative read.

Now I'll probably never own a Leica Rangefinder, but I'll always love telling stories. So here are some. He was right though, you can't make a photo "stick" with digital photography in the same way that it would on the Leica, but we can try, right? 

Our lives offer rich material. And, as recent memory holds true: 

 If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches; for the Creator, there is no poverty. 
Rainer Maria Rilke 

(I took these with my trusty Canon SX 100 IS on the way home, just 'cause.)


  1. i love your current template. its soo balanced. unlike mine ofcourse. your pictures reminds me of scenes i see in my father's home town when im travelling there. how i miss the smell of the salty air. and psychodynamic leap eh? hehe .. nice one.

  2. these are great photos sonia! the pictures tell such a great story :) i would probably strike up a conversation with a stranger on a bus if i saw something we had in common or something that was current... like say, if they had a new phone that JUST came out, i'd ask them what they thought of it b/c i was thinking of getting it too... smth like that ;P Also - i have a love/hate relationship with mirrors. The hate part comes from having been forced to watch certain horror movies that involve mirrors... =S

  3. I love the photographs.

    They have this rustic charm and I can almost feel the slow, easy pace of the country.

    As for mirrors, I like them huge and dramatic. Just not too antique, thank you. Too many entities trapped in them, too many trying to get out at night.

  4. Nice photos! Very raw :) I especially like the first and third one.



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