Saturday, December 11, 2010

The "Eff" word (and other stories)

It’s a dark, gloomy, overcast day in Manila… it’s one of those Saturdays when even though you’ve just woken up at 6:30AM, you won’t want to do anything until noontime except of course, watch The Big Bang Theory, or watch a movie one after another.
Well, I did. (So that’s the reason for this entry.)

The sun is bright enough to wake the sleeper even at 5:30AM in this room I’m staying. The big window draws in all possible forms of bright, sunshine-y quantum energy to tell you, “hey, it’s a new day, and it’s definitely time to get off your lazy ass, sweetie…”


Well, this morning anyway, there was too much cloud cover and the smog pretty much made the day all dark and gloomy. So I stayed in. And had a good laugh over Sheldon Lee Cooper and his shenanigans (just a couple of episodes really, fresh episodes that I copied off Mer when my groupmates were here for dance practice.)

Anyway… it was a busy week (relatively), and apart from the party that Dr. L invited all the residents to, I’ll have the whole day off tomorrow (to go house-hunting, among other things.).


I like how The Big Bang Theory is…it’s a brainy “no-brainer” (relatively),  it’s fresh, and most of all, I like their witticisms. It’s just terribly amusing, how they poke at each other’s idiosyncrasies…and with geek-speak to boot.
I like it a lot.


I saw a South Park episode too…the one where Eric Cartmann freaked out about KFC being banned one time, with a medicinal marijuana outlet opening up in its place. His dad gave himself testicular cancer using  a microwave and then got all his jutes legally (with a doctor’s referral form)…and didn’t mind “hopping” his way everywhere on his…balls (which, apparently, the women in their community thought was a hell of a big turn-on). Cartmann became a drug lord’s equivalent (he was dealing contraband KFC).

:-p Of course it doesn’t seem all that funny by the way I’m telling it, but oh my gosh, it was decidedly so. It was so absurd, a smart social commentary and they didn’t hold anything back that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud (even while the others were sleeping on the couches last night after practice.)

(Now I know why. :-p)


Ooh, I saw Going the Distance too, this morning (the last movie I saw before I decided it was time to get on with my life before the day was through). They had posters of it all over a few months ago, and I don’t know if it was a box-office hit, but it was a nice enough movie to watch. It was a bit cheesy, but it was good enough…and dealt with one of the age-old topics, Long Distance relationships. 

Drew Barrymore was her usual, winsome, charming Ro-Com self, and Justin Long was simply adorable as her paramour. The story was about a couple (ok then, no spoilers) who were perfect for each other, but were long-distance lovers who underwent the usual troubles (i.e. different time zones, trust issues, new job decisions, moving, seeing each other, travelling back and forth, etc.), but in the end, someone had to give way…but not after they each got what they want.

I felt for that, of course. Who doesn’t want a happy ending?  (I know I do. :-p).

Anyway, I pretty much am the type who would say that if it works for you, it’ll work for you. Long-distance relationships are a lot to handle, and it takes a lot of effort from both parties. (I should know, I tried it once. It ended up as a big fiasco, but hey, there’s no sense in bashing it. It is simply just not for me.)

I suppose a real relationship involves two people being physically together most of the time, but I don’t mean like, in sex. To really get to know someone, you’ll have to see how they’ll be like in different life situations…and you can’t do that as effectively if you’re just talking to them on the phone, or just emailing.

(lol…like I said, it’s a case to case basis. That’s my disclaimer.)

Anyway, I suppose I’d learn to love someone more if I knew more about them, and knew every little nuance about them.  Routines usually get me all fidgety, because I don’t like doing the same thing over and over, but I wouldn’t say that I was the type who would keep changing lovers over and over just because I was bored. I meant that if I was with someone I was crazy about, I’d love to get to know everything about them, and make every effort to keep things fresh.

One of my good friends from med school, who’s now married to a guy she was friends with before he became “her man” said that he (the guy, who’s also a friend of mine) said that to make a relationship work, there must be effort from both parties to make it work. 

(Haha, I love the guy, and his whole declaration…and maybe my new favorite word these days would be effort from now on. LOL)

In one of our “boy-talks”, my father mentioned that a guy, if he didn’t care anymore about the girl, wouldn’t make any effort * at all to do anything for her. He’d just stay away until it all dies down…and eventually. Aghast, I was like, “Why pop? That’s so cruel…” He said, “It’s a waste of time. Most men do that.”

An insider’s tip that was useful, but not necessarily very good to know. Can you imagine (if you’re the girl) believing that everything is all fine and dandy one moment and then just having the rug pulled out from under you the next, when you find out that he doesn’t like you anymore?

(It is very shitty, indeed.)


(I’ve digressed. I thought that I was plainly going to tell you all about the movies/ TV shows I’ve seen this Saturday, but instead, I’ve somehow added in my own personal foibles to the mix. :-p I apologize. That was wearing my heart on my blog sleeves once again...)


I rest my case. For now. J

Have a nice day!

(* the magic word)

P.S. I define effort as something you wouldn’t normally do if you could help it…and in my case, it’s probably cooking for someone when you know that you can’t, but try anyway, and just hope for the best that your eggs won’t be too salty to cause instant death. ;-)

(I better practice, then, for WHEN i'll make that effort..)



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  1. I'm a big fan of The Big Bang Theory--I don't care for their theme song at the beginning, but love the show. I haven't seen that episode of South Park.

    Sadly, your dad is right. The guys just stay away and if the girl finds him somewhere he'll make excuses instead of being honest--most guys. And you're right too, there's no substitute for seeing how a person interacts with you, other people, children and even pets. You just can't learn that without being together.



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