Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Farewell, Sir BVR....and Thank You.

This afternoon, Mer, Trina, Chamie and I went to Cubao to pay our last respects to Dr. Baltazar V. Reyes, who I've written about in my previous entries. Sir BVR (as he was fondly called), was also considered to be the Father of Psychiatry in the Philippines, and he was well-loved by everyone here (and all those he had ever taught).

We didn't have a lot of time with him...just a handful of one-hour sessions (4, to be exact) when we were doing our pre-residency last October (I got to report on "Dreams" on the last week of pre-residency). After that, he took ill...and was admitted to the ICU. We never got to see him again. We were all informed that he had passed away in the morning of December 12, 2010. 

He was a kind man, a great teacher, and, from what I've experienced, was a very inspiring individual...a giant among psychiatrists, but could talk to you in a way that could make you feel like you could stand on his shoulders and see the beauty of Psychiatry from his lofty height.

We offered our heartfelt condolences and  told his son that we didn't have a lot of time with him, but he made such an impact on us anyway. He said that his dad loved to teach... 

I am saddened by his passing, we all are. And because lately I've been getting searches on the man on my blog, I've decided to put up pictures of his wake. His wake will only be for two days, and so we won't get to see him for much longer. 

Chamie, Trina and Mer 

At the Chapel of the Ascension, Cubao.

The Guest Book.

Sir Baltazar V. Reyes, Psychiatrist and Teacher Extraordinaire

Sir BVR's urn.

The Mass Cards.

A collage of Sir BVR's pictures.

There were white flowers everywhere. The arrangements seemed to be strictly just in that color.  It was a good choice though, purity was befitting.

Since we came by ourselves, we didn't know who was the immediate family for sure, so, we went on a hunch (Mer knew Dr. BVR's neurologist son by face) and we all went to offer our condolences (with myself going first, of course. I don't know why that seems to happen most of the time...I figured it was because I was the "least shy" of the bunch? And I mean that as a euphemism.)

I don't know for sure if he will be inurned in these spaces...or be carried home.

For posterity's sake. and maybe, as a last picture in remembrance. (I wish I got to attend the service, though. I would have loved to hear more stories about him.)


  1. Thank you very much for this. I just learned about his passing this morning and was searching for his obituary when I found your blog. He's the best! He was my teacher from 1987-1998 in Makati Med( from internship to residency to fellowship up to when I was a junior consultant). I will really miss the kindest teacher I've had.

    Chito Gesmundo-Cupino, MD
    Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

  2. Hi Dr. Cupino. Thank you for your kind words... I would have to agree. Dr. BVR was one of my favorite teachers, albeit we only had a short time with him. I think you're very lucky to have been mentored by him (from internship to fellowship, wow!)...i think he had so much to teach, and psychiatry, being the type of specialization that requires experience, will have been better learned under his tutelage.

    He will be missed. We miss him too.

  3. I just heard of his passing this morning. I was planning to see him this afternoon. He helped me a lot with my problems. I have seen a lot of psychiatrists but he was only the one who was able to help me. I will not be where I am today without him. He will be missed truly.

  4. He's my doctor before and he helped me a lot! May his soul rest in peace!



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