Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The expensive lesson

I was convinced I was invincible.

Up until this morning, at least.

I missed my flight home. I've been sitting on my tiny tush for the past couple of hours (4 more to go, actually), waiting for the next available flight, which is this afternoon as well.

Ever heard of the saying, (more familiarly) from the 90's Brandy song "Almost Doesn't Count"? Well, it's true. Exasperatingly true, I might add. 

               Sure, I woke up at 4 in the morning... 

                      Sure, i cleaned the condo...

                               Sure, I got a relatively fast taxi...

But it still didn't make up for the fact that the airport check-in counter closed minutes before I got there. Which left me no choice but to have my ticket rebooked. I suppose I must have looked ultimately funny because I was carting around my Krispy Kremes, lugging around my... luggage (of course) and being weighed down by my oversized carry-on (for my books, and Dean, my laptop.)...and to be told at the counter that they had closed 10 minutes ago. yech.

For the longest time, I thought I could wrangle myself out of any situation (and talk my way through anything), but no, not this time. "We're closed, Ma'am." And that, dear friends was that. Silly old me had to walk over to the Cebu Pacific Service Center with tail between legs and heavy bags in tow.

And so, two hours and a couple of thousand pesos later (and work schedule changes), your loyal servant is sitting comfortably cross-legged on one of the lounge chairs, munching on leftover Potato Chips for breakfast. There has never been a time when Natural Sea Salt-flavored chips has tasted so delish. What's for lunch, you ask? Umm... Krispy Kremes. (They're fattening, and they're for my brother, but the original glazed ones are just scrumptious.)

I reckon I'm lucky Dean (the laptop) is fully-charged, and my 3-day unlimited internet credits won't expire until 3pm (just in time for boarding)...and there are so many interesting people to watch.  Actually, I'm more concerned with just "hanging out" online, than actively taking pictures (and the usual crazy things that I do when I'm bored.)

Even luckier was the fact that I had money on hand which allowed me to get things done quickly. Shiet. What if I had only a couple of hundreds (for terminal fees, haha) and nothing else? Lord, Tabang... (Anyway, that couldn't have happened, because I always have the blue plastic "magic" card which contains funds I've earned (a.k.a. bled, cried, lost sleep over, worked hours for) over the past months.

Which almost made me realize how much of a risk all this was...I mean, for the longest time, I've always done things at the last minute, or close to it. I've escaped most times unscathed, but now a different story. I absolutely will not do it again. I promise. *Pinkie Swear.*

(Is that an overcast sky...or just plain smog? )

Yes, after this [expensive] fiasco, I vow never again to do things at the last minute, or be late again (to which my aunt said that "somebody" was going to be happy upon hearing this, I suppose she meant my mother, haha).


When one is stuck in an airport with long hours before her and no one to spend it with, one tries to busy herself with activities...or thoughts. I'll try my best to entertain you, because, dears, I am trying to entertain myself too. :-)

1.) Years ago, it was Dunkin Donuts...then Gonuts Donuts...and now, it's Krispy Kremes!  <-- Personally, I'm not a big pasalubong giver since recent years, because I've been travelling alone more, and it's taxing to bring along donuts when I myself am an incorrigible packer. But hey, it makes people happy (my brother gobbles the stuff up), and people from work like trying new things, so I guess it's ok to bring things occasionally.

2. My back hurts a little. Which reminds me, that apart from the procrastination, I also vow to try to "pack light". Enough said. :-)

3. Christmas at the psych department meant a lot of presents and cute stuff from the other residents. 

4. I think I like the NAIA Terminal 3 better than the for PAL. For one thing, there's lots of space here, and lots of comfortable chairs. 

5. The lady next to be is carrying a month-old baby, wrapped in a white wrap-around blankie, trying to push its little fist out from his covers (so cute.) , and she goes, "Gang, why don't you go and get tickets, if you need money, use the HSBC ticket. "Gang" was a tallish guy in pink who did as he was told. He spoke to me in Hiligaynon...and in bits and snatches of conversation, asked I had a husband, 'cause I looked 30. Yeah, his wife agreed. You look haggard. (Who wouldn't, after shelling out that much money...and lugging around the bags?)

Oh, and maybe all I needed was a shower to return me to my former glory.

I just want to get out of here.




  1. 1. good for you, you are going home for the holidays already; i am stiLL here until the 22nd...(i wonder when kaha ta mag-tagbo sa hallways aning pgh)
    2. i agree that the cebupac terminal is better than the PAL terminal - aside from the seats, there are more stores to keep you entertained/busog while waiting for the boarding time (although, i would not want to be late for a flight...=p)
    3. about packing light,.... i tried to, but i just could not do it =(

  2. A bath! ;P

    This is a good lesson. I often put things off until the last minute because I know I can get them done quickly or make things work out somehow. I guess we have that in common. SO it's good to be reminded that we should allow time for things we can't control. I'll try.

  3. and there I was wishing you a safe trip thinking your tiny tush was already comfortably seated on a PR something something bound for dumageute.... tsk.tdsk. :)

  4. Ugh, well.Kinda expensive but maybe that flight was not meant to be yours...cause you probably won't catch these nice photos above if you did "catch" your flight.



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