Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Bits. :-)

I’ve never denied it.

The reason why I like birthdays so much is that I get presents and lots of love and attention. 

I’m still a big kid.

Getting birthday presents never gets old for me. The novelty of being given a present and being thought of as special on my birthday will always score high in my book. J I’ll never grow tired of birthdays, because I always feel that there is something good to look forward to every time. Honest. I don’t know if I’m just being hypomanic about it, but as every year passes, I’ve noticed that I’ve always seemed to look a little better, feel just a tad bit better about myself, and realize that, hey, I have done a little more of what I have always wanted to do.

It’s a pretty cool thing, actually.

Kaya lang, the thing with being my age (29+1, haha) is that it sort of falls into the category of what Filipinos culturally refer to as “getting knocked off the calendar”…a metaphor for being “old before my time”…more colloquially, being a candidate for spinsterhood, or old maid status.

I have to admit, I have pondered upon this little cultural morsel of a norm, myself. Being the non-conformist that I try to be, I’ve taken stock and realized that, “Hey, it might not be so bad, after all…” Believe me, I have looked in the mirror and have left, convinced that:

1. I don’t get pimples anymore (ok like maybe just once a year )
2. My boobs are fine
3. I’m 121 lbs still
4. My hair has no hint of grey in it (recently I’ve had it waxed, and now it’s a spunky red color which looks better in the sun)
5. My ass is not sagging (haha, partly because there is not much butt to sag in the first place?)
6. I get to wear more pretty dresses.
7. I live in a really nice place that I pay the rent and utilities for with my own money
8. I can do whatever I want when I need to do so. J
9. And I have a lot of things to smile about.

I suppose I don’t look my age, and I’d like to believe other people don’t too. Like, for example, on the day after my birthday, I stayed late at the ward, because I had to do rounds on some patients… while writing down in the chats, one of the nurses, Sir John B said to me, “Happy birthday pala, doctora..” We chatted a bit when I was done, and it turned out that he also turned 32, the day before my birthday (the 13th of August), when I saw him wheel his wife into the hallways to be checked. He thought I was of the same age group as Mer, one of my co-residents, who is in the 25 year-old age bracket. I grinned, pleased. I took the surprise as a genuine friend thing. Sir John B wasn’t the type who would hit on me, of all people.

It was a nice birthday, one of the nicest, so far. I didn’t miss family as much as I thought, because I realized that I had ended up with people I now consider family, as well.
I was on-duty at the hospital that time (august 12-13), so when the clock struck 12, I pretty much was in the hospital, doing my thing. My co-residents Trina and Pearl surprised me with a cake and the birthday song. And I got to blow out my candle. (Heck, I even made a wish. :-) ) And then, blissfully, I got to sleep most of the day, was able to get my hair done, just for the heck of it, and then afterwards, got to have birthday dinner with my good friends Chamie, Tope and even Baby Promise. J Love, love all around. Promise coughed out a little milk on my shirt. Manang Bebang was especially fussy (I call her “Manang B.”, actually, kinda like Manang Edith back home, who I call, “Manang E.”haha, anyway…) And then after that, I went out with a couple of friends near where I live, and then finally, said goodnight to the world, a very happy girl. J Very. Very. Happy. J

Anyway… speaking of presents, I got some on my birthday (and before and after).
Pistachio ice cream and a birthday cake from Chamie and Tope, a mocca crunch cake from Trina and Pearl (who brought it to me at midnight, with a matching “happy birthday” rendition, which I totally love!) an aromatherapy set-up from Aleah, a quadri-color retractable pen from my friend Rommel, another metal retractable Parker pen from my friend Atty. (whose messenger boy delivered it to the Psych department office), a colorful comforter set for my bed (which I absolutely love!) from my Pa, Ma and little bro (I asked for a comforter for my birthday, actually, which made me wonder if I really was starting to be domesticated.)

Oh, and there were also other birthday presents that were not really presents… lol. It’s a different category altogether, but for posterity’s sake, I’d like to mention them anyway. 

Perhaps my favorite non-birthday present of all is the coffee table book of “National Geographic Greatest Portraits” that one of my friends found in a Book Sale. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, and so I asked him for it.

I somehow got the fantasy that if somebody really knew me, he’d know that I loved taking pictures of people more than anything else, and that he’d get me such a book. That he knew that I love people and their lives. Their stories…or that he knew I loved color and faces…and emotions. (And no, not fashion photography at all). That would be like, the most thoughtful gift ever.

LOL. But I digress. Actually, my friend got it for himself, so he could explore “portraiture”, but since it was almost my birthday, he couldn’t say no to me “coveting” the thing. Refusals have no place in this birthday girl’s world, mind you.

Another of my friends from the hospital wanted to take me out to lunch (and when that didn’t happen, dinner) because I was having a birthday. Which I think is sweet, and pretty cool, but since this girl’s been a social butterfly (when not asleep) for most of that day, I couldn’t say yes. He baked me a Carrot Cake instead. The effort is touching, and I feel immensely flattered.

But, I don’t eat carrots. :-s

(Nor do I eat boiled eggs, liver, onions, avocado, or squash, but hey, that’s another story.) 

Who knows, maybe next time, he’ll come up with something else. From what I’ve heard, he happens to be a really good cook, they say.

A really nice surprise came in the mail. My cousin Lala, who’s the same age as me, had sent me a letter in mail. I’ve always loved letters…why, one time, when I was asked what I would like, I answered “Flowers, or a letter.” Hers was an especially good one. A perfect picker-upper. :-)

Lala is one of my best friends…we grew up together, and she’s always been around for me, even though I secretly wanted to be as girly as she was when we were younger. I was an awkward and gangly, half-boy, half-girl. :-D Anyway, it is always nice to have people who love you no matter what.

Even if it is on Facebook, the 300+ greeters made me feel like a million bucks. (Thank you.)

You made me happy. 



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  1. It's nice when simply being honest with someone is also a compliment to them. First, you are young, and second, you absolutely do look younger. You'll be a pretty girl for a long time to come.

    I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday--Happy Birthday again. =)

    Pistachio is one of my favorites!



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