Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Soft seats


Welcome to the unedited, conversational edition of the last-minute madness, which only I, Sonia, erstwhile Med-School Thera Group Presentation Amazon Princess character can do with typical Sonia style.

It is actually 2:30 in the morning, but for some reason (and probably because earlier, I had napped on the couch while my friend Loreen worked on her thing on the dining table :-)), I cannot sleep anymore. I haven't the energy to do more thorough reading of my Schizophrenia notes, which I really should, so, I decided to just have another couch sessions conversation with my loyal friend readers.


What fun stuff did I do today?

1. I got to taste Baklava from Greece, which, I have to say is quite an experience. It's got chocolate, lots of sugar, and flaky pastry. My friend Gen Yap was giving it away as one of her souvenirs from her very recent Grecian cruise holiday. Oh, and she got me a key holder...a silver teddy bear with the Grecian flag stamped across its chest. Pretty cool. :-)

2. I pretty much spent much of the evening with Joe and Gen, and we watched "One Day". It was a good movie (and Joe couldn't give a correct assessment, as he said, he was biased 'cause Anne Hathaway was in it.), and apart from the kilig moments that went on, I have to say it was an absorbing film. Well, like any other girlaloo, i'd want the characters to end up being happy together, making babies and all that...stuff. :-p Well, it was a love story almost 15 years in the making...a veritable tug-of-war of emotions (gosh, I love these troubled characters) until, of course, the love affair climaxes, but not quite.


No spoilers here, of course, unless you really want to watch the movie for yourself, I will keep my thoughts on the scenes to myself.

She, Anne Hathaway's character, always knew from the start, that she wanted the guy. He didn't. It had to take him a long long time to realize that he needed her, loved her, even. (I suppose girls are infinitely wiser when it comes to matters of the heart, then? :-p) Jim Sturgess, the guy, was cute. adorable. and all that stuff you would want in a guy. but he was slow. he tried to make things work somehow, but it didn't really work.

Of course, I cried my usual (secret) tears at the end of the movie. I don't really know why I still do these things...movies are movies, escapist fare that we all engage in to feel better, or to have fun. I suppose I cried because I felt for them. (I always do.) Unrequited/Unexpressed love for years, and then when everything does happen, something happens to her.


(Anyway, in the UK, unrequited sounds like the Kwai in the movie The Bridge over the River Kwai, whereas, in the States, it sounds more of the quit in quitting. :-p Just sharing a little factoid.)

3. I hung out with Gen and Joe and we had a great pasta dinner at Ravioli , which is a pretty good pasta place at the midtown wing of the mall. I suppose I'll be going back there every so often. The herb chicken was pretty good.

Speaking of herbs...i sort of postponed a movie date due to schedules. And I suppose "Crazy Stupid Love" was not a good movie to watch with a boy. I chose Conan the Barbarian instead. I don't suppose I want to watch a chick flick with a guy, and not even to send a message. In my [humble] opinion, chick flicks are better enjoyed with your girl friends, or in the privacy of your own room so you can bawl like a kid whose super colorful sticky-sweet Halloween/Valentine candy got taken away from him or her at Christmas. (lol....)  Well, you get the idea. It kind of sends the wrong message too. Watching a chick flick doesn't have the Cupid's arrow effect, not even of suggestion, at least not for me...I have a pericardium of steel...but with marshmallow soft centers. haha:-)

So, Conan the Barbarian it is. :-)

I just found out (because he told me) that one of the interns who rotated in Psychiatry some months ago, yup, Jim with the [*sigh* beautiful] fountain pen is probably going to be assigned in my hometown, or if not there, in Cebu, at least. He asked me about the places in my province, and said that maybe he would want to start a career there. It was funny, here I was, seeking new places to train, and to have an adventure, and here comes this guy who wants to go back there to have his own adventure...

LOL. I'm getting a flashback of that book I read back in grade school which was so popular....the "Choose Your Own Adventure" series? The ones where you get to pick where you want to go next and continue flipping pages until you either die, or win? :-p I hung out in the grade school library for hours on those kinds of fare, and what-not.

Anyway, I must be boring you. It's wait, early. It IS 3Am after all...and I have to go to work in a few hours.

You've been a great audience. Gnite.



P.s. I wanted to apologize to someone for doing something that wasn't very nice. And, my friend Joe tells me that I've grown so skinny, I was even cachectic. eww. But I am so not. I think.

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  1. Never boring!

    That is funny--that the fully explored road behind you might be his future adventure.

    About being skinny, please make sure you stay healthy. The true ideal weight is 10 pounds over what you doctors say is the ideal weight. ;P



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