Monday, September 5, 2011

Family Meeting

…that the old name of Kyoto, Japan, used to be Miaco? Smile with tongue out

That’s something I usually say during conversations (or in parties)…well, once or twice, but not every time. Anyway, I met up with my cousin and nephew yesterday at MOA. It was my first time to meet them, after just talking to them on facebook. But hey, like with any other thing that is near and dear to your heart, family will always be family. We hit it off like we had known each other for years.

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Kuya Bong, 45 , and my nephew Miko, 21. And yes, they look like my father and Uncle. I think it’s the Japanese eyes thing…it runs in the family.

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We hit it off. LOL…as my cousin said, like my father, he was “the life of the party”. <—Actually, my pop is a little more reserved, but he does make people laugh.

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Miko had Pigeon at Mr. Poon’s, where we had dinner, when they brought me home. “What does it taste like, Man, chicken?” Miko: No, Duck.

Same difference. Smile with tongue out



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