Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunday Birthday Party

Last sunday,I went over to my cousin Kuya Rich's place for his birthday party... I was really looking forward to it, knowing a lot of my family in Manila will be there. :-) I had just gotten off duty, and just finished rounds before I trooped over to their place (which was far away, I have to say.)

Kuya Rich/Kuya Ick2x. 7 hours short of 33 years.

With some of my family who went. Uncle Cading, Uncle Fred, Ate Cel's Ma and Pa, Ate Girlie, Auntie Clarita, Kuya Ick, Ate Cel, Anton, Nico, JC, Kuya Ronnie, Ate Norge, Isabelle, Katrina, and well, me. :-)

That's Ate Girlie, Kuya Ick, JC, Serge, Anton, Me, Katrina, and Isabelle (who is only 13, and has size 10 feet.:-p) <-- Oh yes, we have the same surname. Not a lot of us in these parts. ;-)

This one has Nico (Kuya Ick's son) in it. :-) 

Their condo set-up reminded me of what I thought an Ivy League condo housing would be like. There are buildings, yes, but lots of open spaces, as well.

That's "tough guy" Uncle Fred quietly reading the paper. lol... MY earliest memory of Uncle Fred was when I was about 6 or 7, when he visited (or was he assigned there?)  my hometown, and he let me hold his standard issue .38. I remember thinking, "Wow, cool!"

(Good thing I didn't point it at anyone.)

Anyway, all in all, it was a really fun Videoke party, with lots of food. Of course I sang, and of course I stuffed myself. :-) I always love a good [family] party. :-)



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