Saturday, December 31, 2011

Photo: JS Prom, Take 2

Prom. Photo by: Roz.
And so, for our high school* reunion, the Class of 2006 thought up the theme of J/S Prom...and so we ended up looking like this. Prom is prom, and this salmon pink number that I got off a rack is getting to be quite a fun pick. :-) Prom should be fun and carefree. :-)

Anyway, these are some of my classmates who came to the "prom" . My best buds in High School (sans Ria, whose baby had an asthma exacerbation at the time) were there. Antoine and Ivy picked me up at the salon...and I got a ribbing for "going all-out"...and I was like, hey, it took me 13 years to have another chance to dress up at prom, so why not? LOL"


It was a fun night... so good to see familiar faces. :-)

Something tells me "Makati Nights" are going to get more frequent from now on, considering there are a lot of us based in Manila now. <-- Makati, much to Antoine's delight, because he lives there, is the middle of everyone's location, so there. :-)

Happy New Year, folks!


~ S.

* high school  = RTPM Dumaguete Science High School (the regional science high school for Central Visasyas)


  1. hey! the dress looks good with your hair up this time:) and you got to experience the prom thing not once, but twice! hahaha! Sparkling ball din ba ang theme niyo ling? :) lovely, lovely!

  2. doc! happy new year! hope to catch up with you soon in makati. and that pgh tour. hehe.



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